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You Always Hurt The Ones You Love


Need we explain?


- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, and any appropriate preferences in the subject line.
- The thread starter is the killer. Everyone else who tags are their friends. These people either going to be killed or will be witnessing the thread starter killing others.
- Play out the results.
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others.
- And, of course, there may be triggers in this meme. So be warned.


1. Now You Will Feel My Wrath: You want to destroy things, for whatever reason. Whether it was a bad day, or something more sinister fueling you, nothing and no one is going to get in the way of your thirst for blood, not even your friends...

2. Oops! I Didn't Mean It!: It was completely a random, crazy event. An accident, without a doubt. Maybe you had no intention of harming anyone, let alone your friends. But the end result was, in the end, fatal anyways...

3. It Was a Mercy Killing: Your friends have gone beyond the threshold of insanity. Fallen into despair. Became a real monster. Or they are getting to that point, and there's no way to reverse or stop it - save one. So you know what you have to do...

4. We Who Are About To Die Salute You: You don't exactly want to kill your friends, and vice versa. But you don't have a choice in this situation. You're all being forced to fight, and only one of you can come out victorious...

5. Who Says It Has To Be Literal?: Naturally. Death isn't just a physical sensation, after all. Words cut, gestures hurt, and names certainly do sting. And maybe, in a way, this is the one type of death that's worse than the real thing.

6. Wild Card: Anything not on this list, or a combination of the above.

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Tohru Adachi "Herodachi" | Persona 4 AU

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[AU roleswap-verse, but I can attempt canon if wanted.]
Edited 2013-08-05 17:18 (UTC)
notyoursidekick: before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. (✪ It is a capital mistake to theorize)

...3. And let's give this AU a P4G-style twist, shall we...

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[This wasn't a situation Naoto had ever expected to find herself in.

She believed in due process, in letting the law and those who were officially tasked with upholding it mete out fitting punishments to criminals of every level. And yet...and yet...

And yet, a quote from one of her detective idols came to mind with a dogged sort of insistence: "I think that there are certain crimes which the law cannot touch, and which therefore, to some extent, justify private revenge." She'd been ready to do just that in Kou's hospital room, and if he truly had been the culprit, she wouldn't have lost any sleep over the decision. She was too rational for guilt over something like that to find any foothold in her mind.

But this...this was a different situation altogether. Kou had been nothing to her, a suspect, a stranger, a sad and broken teenager who was too distant to honestly be considered her senpai. The person who she had deemed in necessary to confront tonight was anything but a stranger; he was the opposite of that, he was her friend--or so she'd thought until earlier that evening. For neither Adachi nor Seito could have known that Naoto had been watching them from the other side of the interrogation room's two-way mirror, and she'd wanted it that way. Originally she'd only slipped silently into the room to monitor Seito, studying his body language, watching to see if he showed any particular interest in the television or said or did anything else suspicious. She hadn't been at it long when Adachi had entered the room, and Naoto had initially decided to stay to make sure Seito didn't try anything...and then she caught sight of the plastic evidence bags with the threatening notes they'd received. Why would he bring both letters--the originals no less, which still hadn't been processed by the lab?

And in a matter of minutes, her world had cracked just a little as she watched Adachi set fire to both of those letters: the only evidence that could tie any of this to Seito in a way that a judge and jury could understand and accept.

She'd almost banged on the glass--almost dashed out of the observation room and burst into the interrogation room in an attempt to salvage even a shred of evidence--but she knew that it wouldn't have done any good: she would've been too late, and she would have revealed herself besides...and Adachi was no longer a trusted ally, but instead something of an unknown quantity. It could have been a ruse--perhaps those letters were fakes, and it was all an act to gain Seito's trust--but that didn't ring true somehow. Still, she had no way of knowing just what he'd meant by that action, why he'd done it, or how much of a hold Seito had on him. If it turned out that he was nothing more than another of Seito's pawns...

She had to know, one way or another. She'd wanted to let the night pass and confront Adachi the next night, if only to allow his likely-jangling nerves a chance to calm and settle...but this was too important to waste any time on such precautions. So she'd left a note detailing everything she'd seen tucked halfway beneath her pillow, just in case things went drastically wrong and she was incapacitated or killed, then she'd staked out Adachi's apartment, waiting for him to come home so she could confront him directly. And at long last, he finally appeared...which was her cue to step out of the shadows of the neighboring building.]

...Adachi-san. You're out late tonight.
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[Adachi was sick.]

[He had realized who the murderer was not long after they had figured out Kou wasn't it. It really hadn't taken much... just one little thread, and he was able to put the rest into place on his own. He couldn't just outright accuse Seito though; he was his partner's nephew, and a brilliant kid on top of it. And... well, he thought the kid was a friend, after all, he was one of his social links. There had to be some good in him... right?]

[But no; there hadn't been a shred of goodness in the empty soul he encountered. He took a massive gamble, reaching out to the kid the only way he could think of... and he was played for the Fool he was.]

[Adachi had thrown up then, and he was still ill even after this long since then. His face was pale and drawn, and looked like it was going to melt off his face. Naoto's voice brought his face up, and he smiled tiredly.]

Hey... Naoto.
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FOREVER LATE feel free to ignore this tag...

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[She had to go about this properly. She needed to hear him out, to be beyond certain that what she'd seen was the true state of affairs, but she didn't want to alarm him, or make him feel cornered enough to do something drastic. And if it turned out that he was just another of Seito's puppets, just like Ichijo had been...well, they needed to be somewhere private, somewhere that she could talk him down...or take him out, if it came to that. She couldn't--wouldn't--involve the others. She had no proof other than the disappearance of the letters; it would be her word against his, and probably against Seito's as well. They would never believe her--they wouldn't want to believe her. By and large, they'd been too shaken up by the idea of killing Ichijo; they wouldn't be able to handle killing someone they were all close to, and who they thought they knew and actually trusted. But she couldn't simply turn her head, and she wouldn't let him get away with this. They were doubtless going to have to fight Seito at some point, and if Adachi would go as far as to tamper with and destroy evidence to protect him, then he could no longer be trusted with the lives of the rest of the Investigation Team: a severe conflict of interests.

The only way to protect the others from whatever plans Seito had that he intended to work through Adachi was to take her fellow detective out of the equation. He hadn't done anything to harm any of them, at least not yet, but when it came down to it, if Adachi was forced to weigh the lives of the Investigation Test against Seito's... Until earlier that night, Naoto had thought she could be certain beyond any reasonable doubt which he'd choose. Now, she realised bitterly, she had no idea which way he would go, whose side he would take. She had been wrong to ever give up her doubts about him, wrong to trust him, to tell him some of her deepest personal secrets, to consider him a friend.

She still wanted to believe that it was all a trick, a ruse of some sort, but she knew better, and though she often struggled to understand how other people felt, Adachi's current feelings were written clearly in the slump-shouldered lines of his body and the almost deathly pallor of his face. And Naoto knew guilt when she saw it.

Nonetheless, difficult as it was, she kept her poise and maintained her regular tone and formality, without even a hint of what she was really thinking breaking that professional-but-now-semi-friendly mask.]

I'm sorry for intruding at such a late hour, but I had something of vital importance to discuss with you. If it isn't too much trouble, perhaps we could talk inside.
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[Adachi let out a faint noise at that; really, why did Naoto want to talk about something now? It was late, and he was pretty sure he was going to go inside and puke again. He was half tempted to tell her no, that it could wait until morning...]

[But he also knew that face.]

[Naoto had been the hardest of his Social Links to get to trust him. Understandably so; Naoto had a work ethic at sixteen that he'd never had, and probably never would. His very existence in the police department was probably an insult to her, especially with how he used to act. How her and Saki managed to hold the group together he would never begin to guess, but they did, and after Saki, he owed her the most for that. That's why he tried so hard to get onto friendly terms with her, learn her quirks and all that. When she got that face, the one she had on now, it meant she was about to drop a bomb that he... probably wasn't going to like, but he needed to listen to anyway.]

[After a moment, he let out a tired sigh, rubbing an arm over his eyes. There was no use brushing her off; best to let her have it.]

Yeah, sure. Just... hope you don't mind my bachelor pad.

[He attempted a weak laugh, but it was so forced that he let it die off immediately as he fished for his keys to open the door to his apartment.]