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the camper van / road trip meme

You and your best friend / colleague / acquaintance / crush / significant other / worst enemy / a stranger [ pick appropriate ] are now taking a road trip in a camper van.

  1. nights by the open fire: stay up late and watch the fire burn down. are you going to sleep by the fire, too?
  2. this is not going smoothly: two people in such close quarters over longer periods of time, did you really think this was going to go down without a fight? if it's over someone taking a wrong turn or not reading the map right or something more serious... who knows.
  3. getting lost: is it on purpose or by accident?
  4. your car broke down: you're stuck for the time being. what do?
  5. time for a break: a truck-stop or a gas station, a little village or the forest or a beach, there's endless choices. anyway, you're not driving right now.
  6. fogged up windows: obligatory make-out or more option.
  7. sleep deprivation: you've been driving non-stop for hours without getting any sleep and now it's the middle of the night and you're still not sleeping.
  8. wildcard pick your own adventure
  1. Heat wave
  2. Light Rain
  3. Pouring
  4. Thunderstorms
  5. Freezing temperatures
  6. Other?

Feel free to mix things up! Maybe you're not in a camper van, maybe you're on a space ship or in the TARDIS, maybe you're stuck in a tiny two-person car with five people. Maybe you have a quest to complete, or maybe you're just driving around aimlessly.

Post your character, tag around. The sky's the limit.
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Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler | Xmen

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5 - 2 - whatever else we can add in

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Kurt had been wandering through the woods when the rain started. Nothing too difficult, but he really would like to get some shelter from being wet. Wrapping his cloak around himself, he kept going through the trees...

Was that a cabin up ahead? Kurt teleports straight to the porch, sighing with relief as he pulls the hood of his head. This was deep in the forest, he didn't think anyone would be here.
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Re: 5 - 2 - whatever else we can add in

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It was that very reasoning which had caused David to settle in the previously derelict place and spend his time fixing it up to be quite homey. It was exactly the kind of place to be on a rainy day, but it was too warm with the humidity to warrant the dry comforts of a fire. Thus there had been no indication of his presence.

It's not until the floorboards on the porch protest gently to the presence of their new guest that David has any idea someone is here. He peers out from behind a tattered curtain to see a lone figure hiding from the rain. There's not much space on the small porch and so David knocks as a friendly alert to the visitor that he's not quite alone, before gently opening the door.

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The figure turns quickly, a brief glimpse of a face not quite human that looked surprised.

And then with a BAMF sound, Kurt is gone the second the door opens. Teleporting to the roof overhead. It's wet and slick but he huddles close to the shingles and hopes that he wasn't seen.

Just his luck this place was occupied. And to further compound matters, he's teleported too quickly. Leaving his cloak behind on the porch in a heap.
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David literally jumps at the disappearance, having never seen anything like it before and needing a moment to calm himself down with a breath. He'd only had a chance to see a dark face, no further detail, before it'd quite literally vanished from view. It's then that he notices a rain-slicked coat on the ground and reaches down to pick it up.

"I'm sorry, if you're still there, I didn't mean to startle you." He calls out to the woods, unaware that the figure is actually above him on the roof. He's hesitant to accept anyone into his home, it usually starts trouble for him but he also knows that when he denies someone his aid, it's going to come back around to him somehow.

"If you'd like a place to stay while the storm passes there's food and a place to sit inside, but I'm afraid it's too warm for a fire today."
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Kurt hugs to the roof, getting soaked all over again but hoping that the man will think he just was seeing things.

Vain hope, he's spotted his coat. And he seems like a nice person, but Kurt knew better than to just hop out and say hello. But curiosity gets the better of him and he slowly peers over the side to see what this person looks like. When one of the shingles creaks, he quickly pulls his face back to duck down again.
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David catches motion above him and then a shingle creaks, and it's vanishing again. There's nothing natural about how fast this being is moving, man or otherwise he hasn't had an opportunity yet to find out, but they seem more afraid of him, than he is of them. With a shake of his head, he steps out beyond the porch and into the soaking rain. It's not going to take long for even him to be sopping wet as he walks out from the cabin so he can see the roof a bit better. He's holding the cloak in hand so the inside doesn't get wet, keeping it draped over an arm.

"Hello?" He tries again, the overcast sky makes it a little difficult to discern much without a straight view of his visitor.
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couldn't resist, this seemed funnier

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Uh oh, now he would see him! Even with Kurt flattening himself against the roof it was only a matter of time.

Nothing to do but...


And the door to David's cabin closes on him. Looks like you are stuck out on the porch now. Kurt is staying away from the windows, slinking through the cabin to find a towel or something before he leaves.
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"Hey!" David isn't certain whether he's amused or annoyed at suddenly being locked out of his own cabin, but he quickly rushes to the door and gives a brief knock. When the figure doesn't answer, he sighs and leans his back against the door. He's all wet and stuck out on the porch, but at least there's a roof over his head. He shakes out the cloak a bit as he hears rummaging from within.

"Towels are in the steamer trunk at the end of the bed." He shouts through the door, an almost bored tone to his voice.

Inside it's a quaint little place, rustic save for the small table tucked in a corner with test tubes, chemistry equipment, and a microscope. There's a notebook sitting open on the table, a pencil on top of it. It appears he'd been interrupted mid-entry, but this is no personal journal. There are formula of all kinds scrawled between blocks of text and observations.
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Kurt stills at the voice. He was still helping him? Pangs of guilt were starting to prick at him for leaving the man out on the porch. But Kurt mollifies them by remembering the last person he surprised.

They nearly had a heart attack.

He finds the towel in question, rubbing his hair and ears dry. The journal and test tubes get a curious look. Kurt is unable to read much due to being brought up in the circus.

He moves back to the door to speak apologetically through it. His voice heavily accented in German. "Bitte, I am sorry for dhis."
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David smiles gently on his side of the door. So, it was someone who could speak at least, but clearly didn't want to be seen. Whatever his reason, he didn't strike David as malicious in his intent.

"It alright." He calls back at a quieter tone, since the voice seemed closer to the door. "A little warning might have made it easier for the two of us. If you'd like to stay dry you're welcome to the cabin until the rain passes. I would like to trade for my raincoat while I'm out here, though."
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There's a pause without reply, Kurt clearly thinking over his options here. With a click, the door unlocks itself and creaks open without anyone being at it. Kurt is keeping to the shadows in the cabin, blending in seamlessly thanks to his mutant abilities. He really couldn't justify leaving such a nice human being outside on his own front porch.

But he didn't want to go back out into the rain just yet. So he'll bide his time in the shadows for now till he figures out what to do.