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The Trapped in the Mall Meme

The Trapped in the Mall Meme

Shopping malls are full of stores and usually people too. But once they close, the mall is empty. Except not tonight. Tonight you're stuck in the mall after closing hours. Maybe you hid on purpose, maybe you're part of mall security and are on patrol, or maybe you fell asleep somewhere and now the doors are locked. Either way, you're stuck inside until morning. Thankfully someone forgot to close the grates on the stores and the power's on. You've got the place to yourself until the morning.

-Tag in with your character listing their name, canon, and any preferences in the subject line.
-Tag other people.
-Have fun and enjoy the mall.
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zack fair ✗ final fantasy vii

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let the inanity - I mean, insanity, begin!

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Maybe there's another door that's still unlocked?

{for a terrorist she's very conscious of other people's property and doesn't suggest just busting down the door}
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and then everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

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[ Of all the places he's been stuck, stranded, or just plain held captive, over the years...

The mall is definitely going to be the best! And not just because his only company is Tifa (though probably in part). But also because -- well, why not? The lights are all still on, the stores are all still open; if he were a warier man, he'd almost think someone had set them up. If it hadn't already been an hour or so of attempts to find an easy way back out.

Or, you know, maybe if the intelligence that led them to busting into a place like this wasn't clearly completely bogus.

Another shrug, and he shakes his head. ]

Sorry, but we've checked every one, down here. Twice! Those blueprints were pretty clear.

[ And while, he supposes, he could do the gentlemanly thing and find a nice plate-glass window to bash his head through on the lady's behalf -- whiplash would definitely ruin this still potentially fun evening of killing time.

He tries to sound inconsolably disappointed. Really, he does. ]

Looks like we're just gonna have to wait for morning.
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{see that look, Zack? That's Tifa's highly trained, well honed bull shit meter and your disappointment is setting it off. That said, he's not wrong. They have tried all the doors. They really are stuck in here for the night.

Wherever Barret got that information from needed a good head knocking.

Hands on her hips, she'll turn with a little puff of exhale and worriedly survey the hallway with it's fountains and benches and escelators, arches stretching along the walls on both sides full of color and displays. The speakers have even been left on pumping in canned music.}

I - guess we could find somewhere out of the way to camp out for the night...?
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[ Don't act like you don't enjoy his company, Tifa.

Because the expertly crafted, completely impenetrable shield of self-delusion begs to differ.

Though at least he isn't pretending not to find this kind of hilarious, anymore, laughing a little as he spins on a heel, hands latched together behind his head, to survey all of their temporary domain. Somewhere out of the way? ]

But we've got the run of this whole place! If we can't finish the job, we can at least have some fun, right?


Seriously, it may be the one legal thing they do tonight. ]
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{she's beginning to see why Barret sent her on this mission instead of coming herself but Zack's enthusiasm is kind of hard to ignore entirely. A little bit less enthusiastically she looks around the area again and, even though her sense of self-preservation is telling her not to, she finds herself asking:}

What do you mean fun?
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Prepare to be illuminated. ]

Hey, you can't tell me you've never wanted to have a place like this all to yourself?

[ It's the ideabulb face of... Mooost of AVALANCHE's nightmares. ]

Let's go shopping!
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I LOVE that icon jsyk

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{she's still debating if she really has ever thought about having a mall all to herself when he springs the rest of the idea on her and he's so enthusiastic and the look on his face is so boyish, that it takes her a minute to register he's talking about shopping.



There's the quiet little part of herself that she usually keeps squashed pretty hard that lights up at the idea. Forcing practicality - because god knows someone has to - she goes for logic to derail him (and that frivolous part of herself she's not supposed to admit exists).}

Zack, we can't spend money on silly things here. There's not even anyone to give it to.
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it's the most terrifying one I have. Zack thinking spells doom for us all

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[ No, no, he won't be led to distraction in the midst of enacting an awesome plan like this. Tifa will do something completely hilarious with him before the night is through. This failed mission will not go on in vain!

...Or something to that effect, anyway.

It's not like he has any real kind of plan, but who hasn't had that dream where society conveniently collapses and looting runs rampant? They'll just be a lot more respectful of Not Their Property, in this civilization-intact version of the waking world.

Perhaps sensing that this may be an argument he actually might have a slim chance of winning (which is really never the case, where Tifa is concerned, usually), Zack turns a look on her that's almost as serious as it is earnest. ]

It's not like we're really gonna take anything! Just think of it as... A little more hands-on version of window shopping.
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{it's the look actually. He's so - sincere looking that for a second she's actually thinking she's going to go along with it - until it kicks in what he's suggesting.

That - would make a mess of the place though and she was raised that you don't mess up other people's things.

You know, when you're not busy writing graffiti on them or blowing them up, of course.

Still... it's not as if they'd really be taking anything. Just - playing at it. Not to mention it's been such a very long time since she had anything just for her that wasn't practical and centered on either the bar of AVALANCHE. She hasn't even worn a soft dress or looked at anything other than practical shoes in - well, forever if she says that her life started when she came to Midgar. She makes the tactical error of hesitating.}

I don't know...
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[ An "I don't know..." is worlds beyond a flat-out "No." with Tifa, and it's really too bad for her that he knows it, and has no problem whatsoever exploiting this very apparent weak point he's inadvertently discovered.

At least not if it's all in the name of making certain this night isn't the total borefest being locked in an empty mall and behaving sounds like it might shape up to be. (Which (of course!) is not to say that Tifa isn't good company; in fact, if he has to be trapped anywhere with anybody, she's definitely ranked in the top three - but that's beside the point!)

Time to go in for the kill. Oh yeah, he's going to work that innocent face. Girl, how can you even pretend to resist? ]

How about this - if you find anything you really like while you're accidentally having a little fun with me, we'll come back tomorrow, and I'll buy it for you!

[ Even if he'll probably be pretty much broke, after Barret refuses to pay up for this now completely pointless job they're running. This is clearly a gesture from the depths of his heart, here. ]

C'mon, I bet I know a guy who'd just love to see you in something cute.

[ And for once, he's not talking about himself. ]
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{the crooked smile starts, wry, because she's not only aware that Zack's probably as broke as can be but that even if he did have money, he shouldn't be spending it on frivolous things for her when it could much rather be used to upgrade gear or buy Jessie supplies. Then he goes for the kill though and the smile drops off while her eyes go wide instead and for just a second the color drains from her face.

No one's supposed to know that she's - she's - that she thinks Cloud's -

The color floods back in again a little darker than it was before across her cheeks and she snaps her mouth firmly shut.}

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. {it comes out quick, trying to hide the way the thought of Cloud even noticing her, much less anything she wore, tugs at her. Except he's so 'not interested'. The reminder isn't pleasant but it at least gets her back on track. She's willing to do just about anything though to distract Zack from following that train of thought and so she gives in despite the vague feeling that she may regret this in the morning.}

So... where would we start?
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you did not just do that to me

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[ No one? Please, Tifa, it's like front page news every day of the week - not to mention, Zack's spent more than enough time pestering Cloud over the years that he's pretty sure he can tell Genuinely Not Interested from Blatant Denial - and it's kind of a wonder to him that Tifa can't.

So he'd be completely remiss if he let go of any opportunity for a totally friendly and well-meaning shove in the right direction. That's like, most of what best friend duties include, right? ]


[ Moving on, he does his best to pretend not to notice her rather impressive reaction - downright volatile, for such a cool and collected girl. But there's nothing to be done about the self-assured smirk. He really does love to win, and twice as much so when it's the kind of win that's the fun and beneficial for everybody kind of win.

Making another hasty about-face on his heel, he scans the rows of vacant shops like he's looking for his next mission objective. ]

Let's start right here and work our way around the whole place. [ he suggests, gesturing to the nearest open set of doors - the big department store at the end of the corridor. ]

You're gonna help me find something cute for Aerith, too, right?
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I'd say we're fair :|

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{shhh, Zack. The point is that everyone acts like they don't notice so she doesn't have to be mortified, not that she's really that sneaky. Besides, sometimes Tifa is just as back water dense as another member of her nonexistent town and it would take something as drastic as a clue by four, or worse, actually just being straight forward and telling her, to get her to realize certain things.

Besides - it hurts less if you don't expect anything. It's hard to be disappointed when your expectations are zero. Tifa might be good about some things... leaving her heart open and vulnerable isn't one of them - or rather, admitting that her heart is open and dangerously vulnerable isn't one of them.

It's a relief to be able to refocus.}

For Aerith? {that's safe territory. That's more than safe territory. If she had the money she'd love to buy gifts for everyone else just because she knows it would make them happy and even if it's just for pretend and Aerith is never going to see whatever they find for her, it's okay because they can tell her and make it a story and that will make her happy too. Tifa perks right up at the thought and even heads in the right direction with new determination in her step. All right, she's sold. Let's do this, Zack.} Sure! Maybe something with old fashioned lace or crochet. Something colorful and fun. I bet you want it to be pink too, huh?
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uh-huh, fair's my last name, baby

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[ Whaaaatever, man. He'll just never understand you crazy kids with your modesty and your self-control... It's such a silly way to live.

He will go on and save the metaphorical planks of wood for a more appropriate future venue, though; you know, somewhere public but also full of people, the sort of place where she might actually have to make an effort to kill him and hide the body without attracting any attention.

'Cause he's always thinking ahead like that. ]

Sure, sure.

[ Well, pink is his favorite color on her, and since Tifa evidently appears to know girly things considerably better than he does, he's more than happy to defer to her sound judgement. Plucking a frilly, floppy-brimmed hat off a manikin, in passing, he amuses himself by trying it on as he trails along aimlessly behind her. ]

Hey, I know! Why don't you model some for me?
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that's - possibly even worse than my last bad pun.

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{Zack - if she has to kill you in public, it's highly likely that everyone in the vicinity will already be agreeing with her that it needs to happen. Also, train stations are apparently acceptable spots to leave unconscious or possibly dead bodies. The train conductor apparently doesn't seem to care.

At the moment though her thoughts are distinctly slaughterless because she's trying to find the dress section and - Zack. Hat. Both distracting and surprisingly attractive on him somehow. Who knew he was a floppy, frilly hat kind of guy?

Aerith. Aerith no doubt already knew. It explains a lot about the two of them really.

At his suggestion though she freezes up again and almost misplaces the foot that she was just about to settle weight onto.

Oh. No. No. That would be bad. It's been a long time since she's worn pretty, light dresses and been girly and she's, for the most part, convinced herself she doesn't miss that kind of thing. Letting herself be soft and flirty and feminine again would remind her and - she put that behind her along with her childhood a long time ago. No place for it and she's not going to let herself start wishful thinking all over again either. Her scuffed boot finds solid ground and she keeps going, forcing a shake of her head and a crooked smile. Her fingers make a vague gesture at herself as she walks.}

I'm not built at all like Aerith. That wouldn't make sense. Why don't you model the dresses instead?
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no. nothing is worse than that.

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Wait, how does that make any more sense?

[ Seriously, now, Tifa - he may be laughing, but he has a genuinely vested interest in how his shape is even the slightest bit closer to Aerith's. He certainly doesn't have those hips, and his waistline may be tapered quite nicely to a lean figure but he's far from slim. Fitting his shoulders alone into the kind of pretty little things his girlfriend tends to favor would be a struggle the likes of which surely no man has ever known-

But when she puts it that way, it almost sounds like a challenge.

Adjusting his fancy new hat, Zack starts grinning again in that definitely ill-boding way, that I have an idea and it's really very good kind of way. ]

Tell you what! We'll take turns.

[ This seems like the most sensible solution, mutually beneficial, everybody wins. He has no way of knowing about Tifa's deeper reasons for resisting, though perhaps some of his ulterior motive is wondering just how she'd look in something a little softer than leather and steel.

You know, purely professional curiosity. ]
I'll try on one thing you want, and then you try on one I pick out. How's that sound?
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siiigh. You're right. But you're coming in a close second here, you know.

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{she gets that little pang in her chest again and inwardly she draws in on herself, even if outwardly there's no indication. She had to give up a lot of things when she decided to fight Shinra. Being silky and light and feminine had been one of them and it had hurt. Her long hair was the only thing she'd let herself keep, her one guilty concession and sometimes she still thinks she should cut it because it takes up more time taking care of it than she feels like she can justify. As for the rest, being reminded, and reminded of what she can't be anymore, still hurts. It's better to avoid it all together. Don't think about it, and you can't miss it. So she shakes her head determinedly, pulling to a stop in front of the dress section, hands going to her hips while she pops briefly up onto her tops before sinking to emphasize the point as she looks sternly at Zack.}

That's not the point, Zack. You're trying on the dress because it will make Aerith laugh when we tell her about it. That's the point, right? Finding something that will make Aerith happy? {a gesture and a bit of a smile because he's still wearing that silly hat and it does distract her because it's weird how he can pull off something like that and make it look fun instead of foolish.} We'll even find something to match your hat since you're practically halfway there.
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I am as graceful in the face of defeat as you are consistent in your hideousness ♥

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[ The prompt shake of his head probably doesn't come across as sincere as he means it to, between the lingering touch of a smile and the lacy disaster atop his head, but Zack makes a game effort of it, all the same. ]

Mm-mm. That's not the point, either.

[ They've all made sacrifices, personal or otherwise, to Shinra. But living in spite of those losses shouldn't be some self-imposed punishment, either; he wouldn't understand for a second the thought process behind denying oneself such a seemingly simple freedom, especially so with the perfect opportunity to cut loose right in front of them.

Then again, self-control has never been one of Zack's strong points.

Sweeping off his hat with only a (completely necessary) touch of dramatic flair, he crosses his arms over his chest and fixes her with a look - seriously on the verge of concern, no matter the cheer still in it. ]

I thought the point was to have fun. You can't seriously want to just sit around watching me show off all night, right?

[ ...He may not sound as disbelieving as he should. ]
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Re: I am as graceful in the face of defeat as you are consistent in your hideousness ♥

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-04-12 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa's arms crossed in front of her. She'd be lying, horribly, if she said that it wasn't horribly tempting. It had been a very long time since she'd felt soft and feminine and even something as simple as a dress whose first selling point wouldn't be 'it'll hold up well in a fight' would go a long way toward the brush of that sentiment again. Still, she'd given it up for a reason, because being, or rather thinking, feminine and soft wasn't safe. She wasn't the scared fifteen year old trying to adjust to an entirely new life in a distinctly and newly dangerous world anymore but that didn't change the fact that she wasn't sure if it was any safer now. Not physically. She could kick someone's ass in silk as easy as leather but mentally she wasn't sure it was safe. Especially not with Cloud in her life again, making her heart already want things for herself that she couldn't have. She could risk all kind of things physically but when it came to her heart, she felt dangerously fragile far too often and the thought of risking that scared her.

Even for something as simple as remembering she was capable of being something other than a fighter for the space of a single night trapped in a mall.

Even if Cloud's return made her want to be something other than a fighter, or rather, something more than just a fighter.

Zack got a dubious look.

He'd pick something atrocious for her. It would be hard to feel soft and girly in something atrocious.

It was just for fun...

Her look was stern.}

Just once.
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[ Oh ye of little faith.

Zack happens to have exceptional taste in fashion - and, already knowing that no matter what Tifa picks, he's going to be having the atrocious well handled on his end, absolutely no motive to try and coerce her into something unflattering just for the hell of it.

It's far too late to think he hasn't picked up on her determined reluctance as something far less shallow than fear of embarrassment. He's spent years already learning to decipher the subtle nuances left in the land between can't and won't, thanks to his bad habit of befriending the habitually stoic, and that uncanny knack for persuasion serves him well, again, tonight.

With a celebratory fistpump, he puts on his winningest grin for her mild acceptance. The grim look on her face does nothing to dissuade him from what is now very open excitement, as he immediately turns to make a beeline for the nearest signs of sheer and pastel. ]

All right! Let's get looking.
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{why does she feel as if she's just made a horrible mistake? Oh, right. Because she probably has. Still, they're talking about a guy that lets the army dress him even when he's not in it anymore and so far she hasn't seen a lot of proof of his sense of style other than Aerith's pink. Given that pink is definitely not Tifa's color, she tells herself she's safe.

What she needs to be focusing on is finding a dress for Zack, preferably with matching hat and perhaps purse if she's fast enough - even she's not cruel enough to make him wear heels - and so she lets him disappear into the depths of the dress section and heads off for the Plus Size section herself. There's no way his shoulders won't tear the stitching on anything less. Not just any dress will do though. She's either going with 'little old cat lady' or else 'proper matron' style. After all, what's the point of all of this if they can't tell Aerith about it later anyway? Now does she want pale yellow or lavender? A necklace of fake pearls would look perfect if she could find them fast enough. Tifa, used to scrounging the slums for what she needed, wasn't about to lose the opportunity to find the perfect solution to all her Zack needs here as well.

It was just too bad the wig store was all the way across the mall.}
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[ He is going to make you so fancy, Tifa, you don't even know

But first he has to find the right look. After tossing his frilly hat up onto a nearby mannequin, in passing, he digs into the first rack of dresses he comes into contact with. Unlike his partner on this botched mission, he's not so much searching for a certain ideal outfit as he is expecting simply to happen upon the inspiration.

It's a tactic that only very rarely fails him, after all.

A little distractedly, he notes Tifa wandering off somewhere else- Not stalling his browsing as he calls out to her retreating back, ]
Make sure you find something that'll really bring out my eyes! I wanna highlight my best attributes!
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Your eyes are your best attribute? That's not what Aerith says.

{starting to get back into the mood, Tifa can't help but sing-song the last part as she starts her own search through multicolored dress racks, quickly sorting out what she doesn't like and what she thinks might work. She's going to have to guess at Zack's size but she's pretty good about things like that thanks to living in the slums where it's either second hand clothing or specially tailored wear and either way it's usually measured as 'close enough'. A pill box hat. She wants to find him a pill box hat, maybe with a little veil. Or a feather.}
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My best visible attribute, then. Heh.

[ She doesn't have to be nearby to picture the look on his face, with that sharp-edged grin audible in his voice as he pages through a line of bright red dresses that remind him entirely too much of Scarlet to make anything but a wholly unconscionable selection from.

Nah, maybe something a little less... Virulent, will suit Tifa best.

He turns and makes a dash for darker colors, shouting back along the way. ]

You gotta keep the others to yourself; I'd hate to make your boyfriend jealous!

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