27 November 2015 @ 07:07 pm

the non-sexual touch turned romantic or erotic meme

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A touch, one between people who have more than just something together whether they know it or not, can be worth a million. This meme is to celebrate those intimate touches...with a twist. Almost no touch here is sexual, at least overtly, yet with the right chemistry, things can heat up romantically or erotically. This might not even be caused by the sensation caused by the touch itself - or perhaps it is - but rather the sentiment behind the gesture.

Not a smut player? That's fine. There is a tuned-up emotional aspect to all this as well, as has been mentioned. Be sure to include that you'd prefer things to stay a little less steamy the more hands-on things become.

With all that said, let's put that thousand words to rest. Instead, reach out and touch someone.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Remember to say if you don't want smut.
  • Reply to others.
  • Use RNG. Don't use RNG. It's you're choice.

27 November 2015 @ 05:44 pm

Love must have a certain passion behind it, to be sure, but not all passions are the same. The two of you love each other, and certainly romantically - or at least you're working on realizing that - and you're...not sexually intimate, or not in the way many would suspect. You're not ready for that yet, you're following the rules of you're society, you want them to know how serious you are, you're too busy or uninterested, you don't want to "dishonor" them in any way, or that's simply how both of you are comfortable: there are a number of reasons why you'd choose a romance of chastity, and none of them make the feelings between you any less valid.

Of course, no sexual intimacy doesn't mean no intimacy at all. Holding hands, resting of heads on shoulders, touching, kissing on other places than the mouth, spending time together, confessions, or giving gifts can show your emotions towards each other just as easily. You may only want to do these things away from the prying eyes of others, however. And, understandably, you might want to take those milestones slowly and carefully, the same way your relationship has blossomed.

...especially for confessions. For the type of love you two share, you don't want to admit to anything too idly.

How to Play
  • I wanted to make a meme like this because I thought the idea was darling and fresh, and it could apply to so many types of characters! It's the bread and butter for fantasy types, would be good for kids and the younger character sets, and despite how "badass" they are, it's pretty much shounen idiots to a T. There's very little romance proper in those canons, and it's all understated and unspoken if it's there at all. For a better write-up about all this, check out the TVTropes page!
  • tl;dr, comment with your character, preference, and any info you'd like to include.
  • Reply to others.
  • Go at it and be adorable! I gave some potential prompts up there but you can make up what you'd like.
27 November 2015 @ 01:53 pm

taking it slow

a s m u t / s h i p p i n g m e m e

Some characters can't just rush into things, especially things like love or sex. These characters need a partner who will take things slow, explore each other fully before taking the leap. They need someone they can trust.
Can you be the one they need?

+ post your character, preferences, etc, with or without a prompt +
+ tag other characters, either replying to the prompt they supplied or supplying your own +
+ remember, just because you're taking it slow, doesn't mean you can both take the back seat +
+ be kind to one another, and patient +
+ enjoy +
27 November 2015 @ 09:12 am
smut meme
There’s no real push to your actions; you do them as if they were second nature. Perhaps, initially, you were assigned this role, as protector and guardian of this person. Maybe you took it on because there was no one else. A natural guardian or not, good or evil, you caught a shining to them and felt…something. Something hard to explain, but you want to keep them safe and happy - or at the very least, content. No one is as dedicated to them as you. You want them to reach their goals; to help them achieve them, you'll do what you must, even if it means being their gofer or their right hand.

But most of all, you don't want them to end up like you. They're worth more than that.

Yet somehow, along the line, you became more to them, more than just their protector. You protect them anew and you've found a different way to make them happy. It's selfish, too, because you love them in your way and you want them more than anything. You may feel guilty, of course. They don't, though, and that's what matters.

Right now, you two have a rare moment to yourselves. There are special matters to attend to. Continue to do your duty.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and what you'd prefer to play: protector or protected.
  • Remember, you don't have to be so rigid. A traditionally weak character can "protect" a traditionally strong one in emotional ways.
  • Reply to others.
26 November 2015 @ 10:06 pm
Cuddle with Your Lover Meme
Whether it's in the bed or on the couch watching TV, how do you snuggle with your special someone? Is it the bare minimum, with you being too shy and flustered to do much more, or are you all hands all the time? Well, if they seem open to it, it could be time to stretch that arm out towards them and pull them closer. Besides, you know you sleep much better with them next to you.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. You may also want to mention if you're open or not open to smut.
  • Reply to others.
  • Cuddle pile!
26 November 2015 @ 09:39 pm

The Caving Adventure Meme

There are a whole lot of things about caves that can be scary, even for an experienced explorer. Caving is not the most dangerous sport out there but there are still inherent risks, from falls to drowning to hypothermia to bad air, or even just getting trapped or lost. The potential adventures are limitless.

This is a meme and so you don't have to be accurate by any means, but for those unfamiliar with caving and who want to know more can visit this site, which gives an overview of some basic information that might answer questions or give you ideas! There are also several RNG options to get you started, or you can set up your own scenario from scratch.


1. Exploring - You went into this cave knowingly, for fun or sport or even as a quest. Presumably you planned for this, and have the equipment you need.

2. Unintentionally - You didn't mean to be here; you may have fallen through a sinkhole, or even found yourself in the cave suddenly with no memory of how you got there. You're stuck now, though, so hopefully you have some supplies on hand that you can use to get out.

3. Wildcard - Make up whatever you like!

Cave type

1. Dry cave - The name might be a little deceptive as most caves are wet and muddy and grimy to some degree, but the majority of these caves are unsubmerged rock. There might be a few ponds and a small river at the very lowest level of the cave, but water isn't a big issue to contend with.

2. Wet cave - These caves are almost entirely swimming or wading, and some are completely flooded and require diving gear. There are some dry rooms, but they're few and far between. Better be careful with your air tanks!

3. Dry/Wet cave - A combo of both extremes, part of these caves are dry but some rooms are flooded or only accessible by swimming. Neither type of terrain is dominant.

4. Ice cave - These caves are found at the ends of the earth, made by changes in the temperature within glaciers and icebergs. They're beautiful but incredibly unstable, and collapse is a huge threat.

5. Wildcard - There are some rarer types of caves like lava caves, and magic or other worlds could create many more options than listed. Let your imagination decide!


1. Monsters - Whether they're crawlers, demons, wendigo, giant lampreys, or anything else, there are creatures in this cave that there shouldn't be. Sometimes there's even more than one kind of monster; caves are big places.

2. Cave-in - Your way in--or way out--has been blocked off by a cave-in. Better find another path out, if it exists.

3. Lights out - Your lights, be they flashlights, lamps, torches, or glowsticks, have failed. You're in the dark. Better find a new way to see, or hope your other senses are enough to get you safely home.

4. Injuries - Someone in your party is hurt, and that makes getting out of a cave more than a little difficult. Hopefully whoever is injured has friends they can rely on to help them.

5. Broken equipment - You need to scale a wall, but your rope snapped. You have to dive, but one of your air tanks is leaking. Time to learn to improvise!

6. Wildcard - Anything else that could go wrong can go wrong, and sometimes multiple things happen at once. Pick and choose whatever you like, combine options, or make up new ones!
26 November 2015 @ 07:14 pm


Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
We ain't even gonna make it to this club
Now my mascara runnin', red lipstick smudged

You're going somewhere - a party, an important function, a coronation, your wedding. That, or you're going to do something important. Address the masses. Go undercover. Dance at the ball. And, of course, going to the club is very important. Whatever the occasion, you're ready and you're dressed up to the nines. You also have a partner by your side.

...and that partner and you are getting incredibly handsy, even though there's a set agenda, here.

You've spent too much time getting ready and there's too big of a risk that you might be discovered. What if you ruin your clothes? What if you're obviously stinking of sex? Well, that may be the appeal for you, knowing that other people know. Passion could also be a factor, as well. You just need to be with them when they look this good.

Don't let your rendezvous be discovered. You could get exposed, especially if you're in transit, and that would be a big blowup, and nobody wants that! So keep it subtle, and don't let them Monica Lewinsky on your gown or suit. Be careful and have as much fun removing your clothes as you had putting them on. Then, look as pulled together as you possibly can when you finally get to where you need to be and no one will see you on your knees.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Respond to others.

26 November 2015 @ 07:04 pm

Post with your character! They're now stuck in a very cold place of your choice. It can be anything, such as a freezing chamber, a cavern or a small cabin in the midst of a blizzard. The choice is up to you.

Comment around! Now your character has some company in this bone-chilling environment. The two of them share two things in common: clothes completely unfitting for this weather (be they summer clothes or even lingerie) and a blanket.

A blanket? Yes, just one warm blanket and no other ways to escape the cold. The two of them will have to share it in order to stay alive in this weather. Don't worry, you're sure to find a common language in this terrible situation!

Or just completely ignore the guideline above and do your thing.

So, uh, have fun, I suppose. Try to not freeze to death!
Protip: friction and body heat are both excellent ways to fend off cold.
26 November 2015 @ 06:16 pm
Holding Hands Meme

There's not much to it; your characters are now holding hands. (Or tentacles, or paws, or hooves, or... whatever they have on their forelimbs that they use to manipulate things.) Why? Well, there are several motives....

Prompts )

How to Play:

Post with your character/canon/preferences.

Tag others; pick one of the motives, or make up your own.

Thread it out!
26 November 2015 @ 03:01 pm

Who in the world could hate kindness? Sweetness? Conscientiousness? All of us, on some level, like to be pampered and taken care of, from the most churlish to the most pleasant. Yes, even those grouchy grumps, or, of course, the cool-headed psychos -

Okay, maybe not all of us to the same degree.

Regardless of your disposition, somehow, you've gained a doting significant other. It seems like they find their greatest pleasure in taking care of and looking out for you. This may manifest in them simply trying to keep you entertained, happy, and healthy; it could also come in the form of them being a domestic doter, taking care of all your needs. Be it the former or the latter, there's an inherent adorableness that comes with their efforts and generosity, and in return, you have an urge to protect and care for them. They're just too precious for this world! Only, you know, there's a good chance you can a. ignore this, because you're emotionally stunted and full of wo/manpain, or b. repress it because you're a badass and would never.

Unless you've completely disregarded all that because they're just too much and you want to hold them forever.

So, how do you feel about all this? Do you wish they'd stop with this foolishness (not really)? Are you pushing them away? Are you embarrassed? Maybe you're absolutely taken with them! Just realize that you have it incredibly good.
Read more... )
26 November 2015 @ 02:55 pm
☽✩ the werewolf pack (au) romance meme ✩☾

There are many supernatural beings that congregate in groups for survival or protection or just for companionship, not unlike humans. Witches have covens. Vampires have nests. But none of those have connections that can compare to the bond of a werewolf pack.

You should know. You're part of one, either born a werewolf or turned. For humans, blood is thicker than water; for wolves, the pack is to the bone. Of course, with humans, romantic relationships can complicate closeness of other sorts. That's not the case with werewolf pairings, as they tend to grow out of natural pack dynamics and are viewed as just another facet of life. The only difference is that werewolves tend to treat relationships, even potential would-be-mates, with extreme seriousness.

After all, you'll fight for your pack, so you'll fight for your mate, won't you?

✩ how to play ✩
☾ Comment with your character, preference, and information!
☽ Reply to others.
☾ RNG. Also, please note that while the words "alpha" et al. are used, this isn't a meme for that AU.

✩ prompts ✩
prompts )

healing the broken meme
a shipping meme

The events of many canons have left its characters ravaged, unable to be the whole people they once were. They can never go back to the innocence they had before. However, they can find someone who can pull you back from the brink. Some say love can conquer all ills and cure all broken people - the jury is still out on that, but enough people subscribe to the notion that it may have some merit. With the right affection behind it, can it be the elixir to heal traumas or mend angst? For this meme, it can be. No matter what your what your problem is, from daddy issues to being mind controlled to hating all humans or being just a jerk, all you need is healing from the right person.

All in all? This is a shameless meme playing with the idea of "cured by love." Love it or hate it, it's prevalent in fiction, both fan and published. And sometimes, no lie, you just want to play it and not be judge for the pure shlock you know it to be. Here is the place; now is the time. However, you don't have to go for unrealistic escapism. One partner trying to help the other through trauma is not an easy task, and there are bound to be setbacks, resistance, and hurt feelings. And what if BOTH partners are a little bit broken? Can they survive together, or will they bring each other down?

how to play
- Comment with your character and preferences. Feel free to talk about your character's problems. You might also want to mention if your character is the one who needs to be healed or can do the healing. Or perhaps you and your thread partner can play two roughed up characters learning to trust again!
- Reply to others.

26 November 2015 @ 05:33 pm

That's it. Just call. Maybe.

We have all sorts of text related memes, but what about calls?

You want or need to call that person, for whatever reason. Or maybe it was a mistake? Either way, when they pick up, they will be able to hear you breathe so might as well say something. (Or not? Creepy.)

The Rules:

1; Comment with your character's name and series on the subject line.

2; Other characters will reply to yours by calling them.

3; The call can be about anything, you decide! Remember that your character can choose to reject the call, too, hang up at any time or lose the connection for whatever reason.

4; Profit!
26 November 2015 @ 10:42 am
The (possibly AU) Sibling Incest Meme

Incest is, despite its taboo nature in most societies, actually a pretty popular convention in both romantic fiction and works of a more erotic bent, in everything from period or fantasy pieces to series taking place in places like modern day Japan. Still, the most common configuration in these fictions are the pairing of siblings. Perhaps this is because of the usual lack of age difference and power dynamic that exists in child/adult relative pairings, though this is not always the case. Because of this, a sexual or romantic relationship between siblings can almost seem, well, romantic in the right light. Of course, more often than not, there's a dark side under the veneer of forbidden love.

This meme is for those who would like to play out that, either the darkness or the light - or both.

-Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to mention any hard lines you have.
-Comment around to others. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO FACILITATE CROSS-CANON TAGGING, THIS MEME WILL BE CONSIDERED AN AU FAIR GAME ZONE. Feel free to comment in with characters who do not canonically have siblings or comment to people from other fandoms.
-Be respectful of others.
26 November 2015 @ 10:07 am

Being with someone can change your life. But what if you can't have your old life back? For your own sake, the sake of your relationship, or by no choice of your own, you have to leave the old you behind. It can go from anything to changing a behavior to changing your whole identity, and all of it can be difficult. One thing is clear, however; to continue where or as you'd lived before is not an option if you want to keep this person you care for in your life.

how to play;
  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Respond to others.
  • THERE WILL BE QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. Just because it's a shipping meme doesn't means everything's fluffy; in fact, more options than not have some unfortunate implications.

25 November 2015 @ 07:31 pm

smut meme;

They may be a rambler, a gambler, always on the run, a wanted criminal, someone with a higher calling, or just not the type to spend time with you (which may be fine by you), yet somehow, they'll always find their way back to your door. And they'll, again and again, find themselves wanting you, for support, for healing, for feeling alive, for venting frustration and anger, for anything and everything at all.

You'll welcome them with open arms...and an open bed, because you want them, too.

  1. Comment: prefs, info, preferred role, etc.
  2. Reply: to others.
  3. Thread: with them.

25 November 2015 @ 05:11 pm

the alternate universe picture prompt meme

  • similar to the picture and smut picture prompt memes but intended solely for ALTERNATE UNIVERSE shenanigans.
  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
  • reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
  • link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
  • be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. that's kind of the point.

    link to an image:

    embed an image in your reply:

    control width and height of your pictures: