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* TFLN - Friday
* Smutty picture prompt meme - Sunday
* Gen texting meme - Sunday (Midnight Texting third week of month, with other texting memes allowed for the other Sundays.)
* Sexting meme - Tuesday
* Picture prompt (integrated or not) - Thursday
* Classic Word Association meme - on 14-18th of each month
27 September 2016 @ 05:34 pm
The Personal Hygiene Shipping Meme

Personal hygiene is just that - personal. By the time we've come to a point in our lives where we notice that the concept exists and we should be prudent about it, we can take care of ourselves. There are also many practical reasons why we don't involve other people in this process. We're not too keen on showing off parts to be cleaned that are private in most contexts, and there's definitely an ingrained aversion to showing so much soft, fleshy skin. Hot water or a sharp razor could spell dangerous with a capital D should they come into the hands of someone with a vendetta against you. No need to be extra vulnerable.

So, if you're involving another person in your cleansing routines, it must be someone you trust. Not only that, but it's most likely someone you're comfortable with and likely at least somewhat open to being intimate with. You may not be dropping all your clothing in front of them, but it's still you opening yourself up to touching and closeness unparalleled in more "usual" moments.

Established and burgeoning couples (or not-so-couples) can bond through this showing of care and good faith. Will you like being pampered and find the attention endearing? Or will things go terribly, terribly wrong?

...you never should have let them near that shaving cream.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Smut is not required. Mention if you want/don't want it.
  • Reply to others and use the RNG.

  1. Comfort: You've decided to pitch in a helping hand to get your partner to unwind, and warm water or suds may do the trick.
  2. Romantic: The sole purpose of this endeavor is to set a lovey-dovey mood. No shame here!
  3. It Started Out Platonic...: What a good pal you are, volunteering to give your friend a good scrub. Of course, you didn't count on the cute way she squirms as you scrub her back or how he blushes when you shampoo his scalp.
  4. No Choice: Currently, you're unable to clean yourself up. That means that you need assistance, and it might as well be the person you lov- tolerate the most.
  5. Open: You have trust issues. Actually, you have backlogs of trust issues. Still, you want to show the person you love that you're willing and trying to change for them, and what better way than letting down your walls and having the assist in your grooming?
  6. Shave: Whether it's your face, your legs, or...your other places you've decided to shave, there's a certain intimacy involved in letting your lover do it for you. Let's hope they won't leave you looking like you got into a battle with a book with the paper cuts to prove it.
  7. Reluctant: They want to get you clean. You don't want to show off your body at all. It's injured, it looks weird, what if they don't like it...
  8. Forced: You love them, you really do, but you won't kiss them if they continue to look like an unwashed hobo clown. You have to draw the line somewhere, and if they won't take action, you will.
  9. Beat Up: You've been trampled in a fight. Your partner isn't about to let you wallow around in your own mud and blood.
  10. Hair: Some find that there's nothing quite as soothing as getting their hair washed or brushed. Of course, those with more luxurious locks may find any hair care a burden, so the assistance is appreciated.
  11. Make Up: They think you're beautiful already. See how they'll paint you up when they get the chance.
  12. Unique: If you're not human, you probably have your own proceeders you have to do to keep all spiffied up. There are wings with stray feathers to pluck, horns on heads to polish, scales to shave down, all sorts of tasks! Introduce your ignorant (and most likely human) boyfriend or girlfriend to your world...and your pain.
  13. Accommodations: Those with disabilities or prosthetics may also have their own routines, and anyone who wants to be with them should learn how to pitch in.
  14. Sponge Bath: You don't have enough water to do this right or you just want to give them a nice rub and scrub with a gentle sponge or wash cloth.
  15. Wound Care: In order for wounds to heal, proper care must be taken. Bandages have to be changed and cuts cleaned out. It's certainly easier when you don't have to do it all by yourself.
  16. Together: You're both cleaning up, taking a bath, splish splash, in the same tub because there's no where else to go. This is the most likely smut option, even if, again, it starts off "platonic."
  17. Clothing: Don't forget that clean clothes are an important part of personal hygiene. Always make sure your partner has a nice, fresh outfit, even if it's to your taste and not theirs.
  18. I've Made a Terrible Mistake: Somehow, everything's now shit. This little experiment went haywire and you may be sporting anything from the worst hairdo of your life to a Columbian necktie.
27 September 2016 @ 06:18 pm
>The Slave Auction Meme
The Slave Auction Meme

nsfw image )

❧ Leave a comment with the character's name, fandom, and whether your character will be playing the part of 'slave' or 'master', plus preferences for scenarios if you have any.
❧ Respond to others with one of the scenarios below or feel free to make up your own.
❧ Please remember to be respectful of others while you play

Warning: Be aware that this meme deals with dark subjects like slavery and may also contain non-consensual/dubiously consensual sex, violence, and kink.


1. The Newbie - This is your very first auction and you don't quite know what to expect. Hopefully you remember your training and don't disgrace yourself in front of your new master. Hopefully someone thinks you're worth buying at all.

2. The Oldtimer - You've been bought and sold and bought again so many times. You've seen it all before and don't think this time is going to be much different. In fact, the only real anxiety you've got is whether or not someone's going to pay for a more than slightly used slave.

3. The Pet - You're a pleasure slave. A bed warmer. A decorative piece of artwork. You're meant to look pretty and be pleasing and not much else.

4. The Guard - Your master hired you because of your ability to swing a sword or shoot a gun, not your looks.

5. The Escape Artist - Somehow you always manage to squirm out of your master's chains. Too bad you seem to get caught after a while. Maybe your next daring escape will be permanent. Then again, maybe your next master has special ways of keeping you locked up.

6. The Undercover - You aren't a slave at all, you're just pretending to be one. Why? Well that's up to you. Either way, your cover is blown if you don't act the part.

7. The Specialist - You have a skill that no one else has. Something rare and valuable. Something your master needs more than anything else.


1. The Customer - You've owned slaves before and this trip to the market is nothing new to you. Still, you're hoping to find something worth your while.

2. The Gift - Someone bought a pet for you, isn't that nice of them? Or maybe it isn't so nice. Did you even want a slave in the first place? Well you're stuck with one now.

3. The Giver - You're selecting a slave for someone else, and they need to be perfect. Perhaps you'd better test them out first to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

4. The Trainer - You specialize in taming unruly slaves and making them over into perfect, obedient, well-trained pets.

5. The Rebel - You hate the idea of slavery, but the system isn't going to go away any time soon, so the next best thing is to buy up any slave you can get your hands on and free them, right?

6. The Companion - You want someone to be with you always, someone you can talk to and depend on, someone who will never leave your side. It's a good thing that money can buy that these days.

7. The Undercover - You're not actually a Master. You're at the auction for an entirely different reason. Maybe it's special policework, maybe you're trying to hunt down a certain someone. Either way, your cover is blown unless you act the part.

As always, feel free to use a combination of scenarios or make up your own if you have other ideas.

Snagged from here.
27 September 2016 @ 01:54 pm

SECRET relationship;

The fact that you're in a relationship with this person isn't public knowledge. Actually, no one knows about it except for the people involved. Maybe you guys are just private like that; on the other hand, it may be a necessity to keep things a secret from others. Maybe you're both team mates, and others on the team would give you grief, or you're not suppose to be dating, or you're not the type to usually date and you're only testing the waters. Perhaps it's the combination of you two, possibly an odd couple, that would bring some controversy or some teasing. Or, you know, you could not want to deal with friends and relatives being busybodies. Your reasons are your own.

Are you content with stealing moments to be together as a couple? Do you want to make your relationship known and the fact that you can't drives you batty? Remember, there are lots of benefits to dating in secret. You can be yourselves completely, away from prying eyes, and get to know each other better as potential longterm romantic partners. In a way, it's ideal.

...still, do you ever wish you could scream from the rooftops how much you care for your significant other?

how to play.
★ Comment with your character, preferences, and information.
★ Reply to others.
★ Play out stolen moments (◡‿◡✿), secret dates (◕‿◕✿), secret handholding (⊙‿⊙✿), and secret kissing ( /)w(\✿)!
27 September 2016 @ 08:04 am
Most societies have certain mores that are unspoken rules; humanity itself even has such conventions, grilled subconsciously into our minds for our own safety. Don't go out alone at night. Avoid getting wet when it's cold. Don't pick fights with those stronger than you...okay, some of us missed the boat on the last one, but the point still stands. Society's rules tend to be more variable, though they apply to most aspects of life - including sex. In fact, bending the rules on what's considered acceptable in romance and sexual encounters can lead to anything from ostracization to death, depending on the time and culture.

So, play it close to the chest if you're going to do a big, big, big t a b o o. Is it worth the risk?

- Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to include what you want and what you DON'T WANT. Blank comments are fine; info is even better!
- Reply to others.
- Be fun and respect others, as this will deal with some heavy topics and potentially triggering material s.

trigger warning )
27 September 2016 @ 06:14 am

the phone sex +
sexting meme

what it says on the tin. leave a blank comment, include your preferences or a starter, it's all good. reply to others with a text, a dirty picture (please link all nsfw things!), misfires, misdials, drunk filthy voicemails, sexy skype sessions, whatever your heart desires.

27 September 2016 @ 12:15 am

♉ You know the drill. Post your characters, any preferences on gender, age, and anything else relevant. A kink list is highly recommend.

♍ Look for others to anonymously dare to perform a kink and tell them who to perform it with! This can be as general or specific as you please!

♓ Play those puppies out, and make sure to do your own dares!

♒ Keep in mind that no one is obligated to carry out any kink requests or play out any threads! If someone says no or doesn't reply, please respect their wishes!

26 September 2016 @ 08:13 pm


We're not going to have a ton of prompts today, folks. However, we are going to have this. Say your character or someone close to your character dies in canon. Perhaps they die young, perhaps they're a big damn hero, perhaps they're a slithery villain that SHOULD be dead. What would happen if they didn't? How would the world change? This is your place to explore that kind of AU! Did the death situation never happen? Did they perhaps escape by the skin of their teeth? Did something (or someone) save them? How does the bright and shining (or dark and ominous) future pan out for them?

• Toplevel your character. If you like, you can explain any world changes you might want made. If not, you can hash it out with your future partners.
• Reply to other's toplevels!
• Have fun!
• A NOTE: Please be mindful of posting spoilers for new media, guys! Some people haven't had chances to get to them yet! Also as a fair warning, there ARE spoilers for many canons in the comments.

27 September 2016 @ 10:45 am

the rain meme

Ah, rain—the precipitation that the whole world has a love/hate affair with. It waters the garden for free and ruins baseball games. It cools you off in the summer and it causes more ice and sleet to appear in the winter. Sometimes it is lovely and falls at a decent pace for a few hours, other times, it blasts the whole eastern seaboard away.

Poems and songs have been written about it, people have danced in it, others have cursed its entire existence, and still more refuse to go out and drive in it.

Now it’s time to roll some dice and see what the weather will have in store for you today.


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-5 with the RGN for an intensity.
3. Roll 1-15 with the RGN for a situation.
4. Reply to other comments and play the scenario out!
5. Don’t catch a cold!


1. DRIZZLE ☂ It’s not too heavy or too light of a downpour, just enough to wash away stuff in the air, water the ground, and clean up the streets.

2. MONSOON ☂ It’s horrible and awful! Rain is coming down in buckets, no one can get anywhere, the wind is whipping everything about, and now the cable is out.

3. SHOWER ☂ Reminds you of early spring, doesn’t it? A nice shower to make everything all green and smell fresh again. Lovely.

4. FLOOD ☂ While rain is good, it can sometimes be bad. Grab a boat!

5. CATS & DOGS ☂ You’re lucky with this one. It’s not the worst storm in the world, but it’s still pretty heavy. Be careful when driving!


1. A DARK, STORMY NIGHT ☂ You know all those stories that start off with a stormy night before something goes wrong: a murder, an attack by ninjas, a crime. It is one of the best known clichés in the world, and you’re stuck in the middle of it.

2. HUMIDITY ☂ It’s that time of the year again when the humidity rises and the rain has two options: make it worse or make it go away. Good luck getting the latter.

3. GRAY RAIN OF DEPRESSION ☂ We all know this one. Stuck in the middle of no where, or right after an argument, or something that leads to angst, the rain decides to express someone’s feelings in a physical form, serious or over the top.

4. QUIET MORNING ☂ Nothing to do, nowhere to be… sometimes the rain is a welcomed addition to a quiet day. Gives you an excuse to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket and a book, maybe a loved one or a cup of hot chocolate. With sprinkles.

5. PUDDLES ☂ After it rains, what is the number one thing you have to do? Go put on some rubber boots and splash around of course!

6. SUDDEN STORM ☂ It might have been predicted, but sometimes storms just sweep in and do their thing with little to no warning. Hope you’re not outside.

7. THUNDER & LIGHTNING ☂ Loud, surprising, scary, ominous, comforting, fantastic to watch or listen to… some like thunder and lightning, others not so much. Of course, if this happens before a big confrontation, the universe is telling you something.

8. CAN’T GET WORSE ☂ You did not say that. You did not just say that. How many times does this need to be seen in movies and books before anyone learns?

9. STUCK ☂ No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening. What happened to the ten percent chance of rain? You forgot your umbrella and now you’re stuck in it!

10. RUINED PLANS ☂ You had all these wonderful plans to go outside, have some fun in the sunshine, do some errands, maybe a date… and the weather goes against them.

11. DANCING ☂ Sometimes rain is a cause for celebration, or you just feel like doing something spontaneous. Grab someone to join you and get wet!

12. RAIN BATTLE ☂ The most intense, important battles happen in the rain. Verbal spars, punching someone in the guts; it’s all dramatic and climatic. And no one slips.

13. DATE ☂ Aww, don’t let the weather ruin your date! It can be really romantic, being out in the rain, and it’s always fun to go with the flow.

14. A DAY INSIDE ☂ Sometimes, it’s just better to stay inside and enjoy something simple and easy like board games or catching up on TV shows, or maybe the bills.

15. WILD CARD ☂ Was there something I missed? Did you want to roll again or choose your own adventure? Go for it!
26 September 2016 @ 09:06 pm

« MINE » meme
❝ᴍʏ ᴡᴏᴍᴀɴ, ᴍɪɴᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍɪɴᴇ ᴀʟᴏɴᴇ❞

In nature, animals can be territorial. This makes sense; it's a cutthroat world, and you have to keep what's yours just to survive. They keep a close watch on lands, food supplies, and even sometimes mates. Pet owners can tell you that this instinct doesn't just go away - try getting that chew toy from your poodle. But what about people? Aren't we just animals, too? But for us, possessiveness is not a good social trait to have. That's understandable. Nobody likes someone so hung up on owning things. Especially not owning their lovers, since you can't simply have another person like that.

Yet even the most benign, most monkish of souls have possessive streaks at some moments when it comes to the person they're sleeping with. It's only natural. Usually, it comes from jealousy. You like having what's yours (even if it's a cruel way to think about things, that's the reptile brain peeking through), and you'd want it to stay that way. That means you want to show up the competition and remind the object of your desires that you're the apple of their eye. Of course, possessiveness doesn't always come from jealousy. Some people are just very, very...how do we say it...protective of them and theirs. How can they help that they want to show that in intimate ways?

In relationships, possessiveness throughout isn't healthy; still, a little bit of it can be actually arousing, especially in the bedroom. Today, the hotel is awakening that side of characters: the part that wants to screw their partner mercilessly to show them that they are the ones to touch them, to love them, to fuck them.

But my character isn't the possessive type, you say? Really? Really? As we've mentioned before, even the most kindhearted types feel it every once and a while. This meme never mentioned that it had to be a HUGE show of possession. It can even be a playful attempt in order to get their partner going or try a new kink in bed. Or, you could say the "influences" made them do it.

After all, there's plenty of prompts here to influence you.
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26 September 2016 @ 08:54 pm

should be chaste
a shipping meme

You've dedicated yourself to something loftier than pleasures of the flesh, whether it be something religious or metaphysical or even just for the good of those around you. That's something you should be commended for. Not many would be able to show such resolve. In addition to keeping away from sexual contact, though, you must also shy away from emotional intimacy - so, romance. That may seem easy at first, as all you really need in life is your determination, but what happens when you find the one after you've already swore you'd never pursue them?

Will love find a way or is conviction too strong?

  • Comment with your character, canon, and so on.
  • Reply to others.
  • Use the RNG.
  • This isn't a smut meme, but smut is welcome.

Prompts )
26 September 2016 @ 07:58 pm


The rules are simple.

1. Post an empty tag. Put your character, canon, and preferences in the subject line/body
2. The person replying to you will maybe use the RNG to find out what you'll be doing. Prompts can be combined indefinitely. Images are linked in each prompt to help visualize each particular fetish/trope.
3. Enjoy your shameless smut.

The prompts:
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26 September 2016 @ 04:23 pm


  • Post with your character/fandom/preferences
  • Choose one or more sins you'd like them to be affected by (or don't choose any and work it out with each threader)
  • Tag around
  • WARNING: This meme may deal with triggery subject matter, so please be aware of that beforehand

26 September 2016 @ 05:51 pm

1. Drinking Games:
You're at that special level of drunkenness where previously unimagined things start to sound like a good idea. You know, like another drink. It's cool, I know this great game that will inevitably end with everyone involved being totally wasted. You play until... shit, what were the rules again?

2. Unsolicited Advice: Oh man, you suddenly know the solutions to all of life's mysteries. All it took to figure it all out was half a pint of whiskey! It's time to tell all your friends how to fix the problems with their personal lives, whether they want you to or not.

3. Drunk Texting: Frankly, you can't IMAGINE why anyone wouldn't want to hear about how drunk you are right now. If only you could remember where the vowels are on this tiny keyboard. Drawing inspiration from TFLN is encouraged.

4. Tell Them How You Really Feel: You lost some of your less important inhibitions three or four drinks ago, and it's time to tell it how it is! Hunt down the person you love, or possibly the person you hate, or even just the person you don't literally just met, and bare your heart to them in a way that you'll almost definitely regret tomorrow morning.

5. Karaoke: Shot through the heart, and you're to blame! You give love... a bad... something...

6. Terrible Ideas: This is going to be so awesome, guys. I've got the skateboard, and I'm handcuffed to Steve... is the camera rolling? And who's lighting the fireworks?

7. Flirting: While all that booze may not have enhanced your charm, it certainly did wonders for your ego! Time to find all the hottest dudes and/or chicks in this place and make them swoon before your gin-powered charisma.

8. On the Streets: What better way to follow up a good bar run than by drunkenly wandering the streets in the middle of the night? There may be loud, embarrassing singing. There may be puking in the gutter. You may be completely lost, and not sure why that police officer is speaking Italian.

9. The Next Day: All that you took with you from last night's adventures was a blur of jumbled, confusing memories, a lampshade with googly eyes drawn on it taped to your head, and a brutal hangover. What exactly happened here? And who's that sleeping next to you?

Leave your top level blank or add in some brief starters/preferences!
26 September 2016 @ 11:35 pm

the heart meter meme

  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • use the heart meter below to tell other characters how you feel
  • don't forget your hovertext!
  • have a grand ol' time

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26 September 2016 @ 01:42 pm

like this!

■ fill out the form below in a comment.
■ go around to other people's comments and make new friends!
■ it's really that simple.

26 September 2016 @ 02:24 pm
The Rule 63 Meme

Rule 63, also known as a genderswap or a fem AU, is the idea that any character can have a counterpart of the opposite gender. In essence they are the same person, they have an (almost) identical personality, but are instead the opposite sex of their original canon character. This can effect them in subtle but interesting ways, and figuring out what changes, what's different, and what has stayed exactly the same is the key to the fun! 
While this is labeled as a Rule 63 meme, it's fine to bring it male versions of female characters. (as it seems as though rule 63 is defined as male to female swap) And don't be shy about tagging around, or hitting up a 63'd character even if yours is not. The idea is to have fun!


Options )
26 September 2016 @ 01:58 pm

will they, won't they?

Oh my god, there is nothing more frustrating than when you want to kiss someone and press them against a wall, but for some reason, you can’t—or when you see two people who are obviously in love and you want to shove them into a room already. What is preventing you two from getting together? Can anyone end this?


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc. in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-15 for a prompt.
3. Reply to others and play the scenario out!


1. BOSS ✖ A romance with a higher up or your boss is taboo for many good reasons, but you’re finding yourself falling in love with them anyways. Will others approve? Will one of you have to quit your job to not get the other into trouble?

2. JUST FRIENDS ✖ Talk about one of the biggest roadblocks to love ever! You want to kiss them, but you don’t want to ruin your current relationship. What are you going to do? Will you get the guts to confess and hope for the best?

3. GOALS ✖ You want to tear down a building to build an apartment complex, they want to make it a historical landmark. Opposing dreams and goals are huge roadblocks, especially if you happen to want to ‘sleep with the enemy’… literally.

4. TEAMMATES ✖ You work well together, you can depend on them no matter what, and you get along outside of the office or game. What you feel is just that happy camaraderie, not any mushy feelings of love or romantic affection! Is it?

5. DENIAL ✖ No, no way. You do not love that other person. They are stupid or just too prideful or you’re not interested in them at all. Ha, admit it, you totally are. Now go over there and admit your feelings before everyone around you goes insane.

6. COWORKERS ✖ Oh, this is awful. You really, really like your coworker, but there is a no dating policy, or they don’t date coworkers under any circumstances. Dare you make a move after hours or in the break room? It could be worse; you could have the hots for your boss.

7. POLITICS ✖ Clashing beliefs and heated debates always gets the blood pumping, and even though you have sworn to defeat them and get your bill pushed through, their eyes make your heart jump and makes you reconsider your ideals… Can you find a compromise or let bygones be bygones?

8. TAKEN ✖ Oh god. How can you confess to someone who is already taken? Why are you even feeling like this? You must never let them know. Ignore everyone who is encouraging you to take a leap of faith anyways. They are taken and that is that.

9. SOCIAL CLASS ✖ She is a princess, you are a stable boy, he is a rich lord, you are the scullery maid… Money is an important factor to any relationship, and sometimes, it can be one of the barriers. But how long are you going to let positions and titles keep you apart?

10. PRIDE ✖ You? Be in love with someone like that? Ha! No way. You are far above them, and you deserve only the best love. But… what if they are the best love and you just don’t realize it yet?

11. FAMILY FEUD ✖ One of the most famous of all the situations, for some reason, your families are fighting and as much as you like the other person, you can’t betray your family this way. But is there a good reason for the feud? Or a misunderstanding? Will true love conquer all without the abundance of death?

12. OBLIVIOUS ✖ This is the most frustrating one ever. It’s not that they hate each other or someone else is making a barrier, it’s just that they you have no idea how good of a couple you would make or how you always flirt with each other. Will one of you realize it, or does someone need to give you a push?

13. DUTY ✖ Bound by honor and loyalty, you can never cross the line that divides you and your love, be it that you swore to protect them or they serve you. Or will you? How will others react to this? Might it be considered forbidden?

14. FRIEND-ZONED ✖ Oh no, it's not what you think. You see, your best friend likes the person you like, and they are trying to go on a date with them (or get into their bed). But you can't let either of them know, because that is not what good friends do. But what do you do if your mutual crush is interested in you anyways?

15. WILDCARD ✖ Is there something we missed? Is there another scenario you want to play out, or would you like to roll the dice again? Go for it!

(credit to [community profile] allmymemes)
26 September 2016 @ 07:22 am

Always wanted to try your hand at that complex character, but were always uncertain? Have one who's still wet behind the ears? A muse just shaking off the dust from sitting in a corner for too long? Well, here is the opportunity for you!

Just leave a comment with your character's name and canon, as well as any information you deem relevant.

Whether you want to start the thread, or let subsequent taggers choose is up to you. Use the Plot Scenario Generator if you want a little push.

credit goes to [personal profile] socktacular

Love on the Battlefield

In battle, all emotions are heightened: determination, rage, fear...and love? Well, it makes sense, doesn't it? Any moment could be your last, and you cling to what little you can. That includes those who are in the foxhole with you, fire-forged bonds often proving the strongest. You'll also find that your companion's truest of colors shine through in these most desperate of situations, so your attraction is one of the most honest there can be. Of course, you might reinforce those walls you've put up around yourself, determined this is no place for feelings. On the other hand, why wait? Why try to fight this connection when you have to fight everything else in this world?

No time to worry about dates or making the best impression when all you have is rare peaceful time together...there might be some benefits here, too.

"Love is something that will appear when you least expect it. You may find your significant other when you least expect it. Or you may already know that person but never thought of him/her in a romantic fashion. Love is funny and unpredictable. But, when you do find it (or it reveals itself to you), be sure you’re ready to accept it wholeheartedly."

» Do you really need to hear the rigamarole these days?
» Comment with your character and prefs.
» Others reply to you.
» Thread.
25 September 2016 @ 10:03 pm
The Locker Room Meme

The locker room scene.‭ ‬Maybe it wasn‭’‬t your favorite place in high school,‭ ‬but now this scene is popular in all sorts of media.‭ ‬Sometimes it‭’‬s the place where the team gets pumped up before a‭ ‬game.‭ ‬At other times,‭ ‬it‭’‬s a place filled with a promise of nudity worth breaking into...or even if you don‭’‬t break in,‭ ‬you‭’‬ll have to shower with your team eventually.‭ ‬In the locker room,‭ ‬everyone acts a little differently.‭ ‬There's an air of camaraderie‭ ‬and trust,‭ ‬like you can share anything,‭ ‬whether it's secrets,‭ ‬deep discussion,‭ ‬or teasing.‭ ‬Or maybe it‭’‬s just the fanservice‭—‬people wearing nothing but towels,‭ ‬peeping at someone‭’‬s naked body when they aren‭’‬t paying attention,‭ ‬or comparing the size of their muscles...or more.‭

Only one thing is for certain‭; ‬there‭’‬s plenty of shenanigans going on in the locker room...and what happens in the locker room‭? ‬It doesn‭’‬t have to stay there.

1.‭ ‬Comment with your character,‭ ‬fandom,‭ ‬any preference you have.
2.‭ ‬Set up your own scene,‭ ‬use the‭ ‬RNG ‬and tag others to start a scene,‭ ‬or just plot something out.
3.‭ ‬Have fun‭! ‬Respect the preferences of others.

1. Before the big game‬‭: The big moment is finally here. Everyone is nervous, excited, angry, or elated. Or maybe all four. It's finally time to face your rival team or compete in the big competition...are you going to try to calm your nerves down? Or maybe you're going to give a big pep talk?
‭2. After the big win‬‭: You completely squashed your rivals...or maybe it was super close. It's time to celebrate! Are you going to head out with the team, or do you have something more personal in mind?
‭3. Getting cleaned up‬‭: The shower option. Group showers are a great way to bond, aren't they? Everyone stripped down and washing all of their sweat off...maybe you're a bit too shy to stand with the other guys or girls...or not. Just be careful not to bump into anyone.
‭4. The swimming pool locker room‬‭: Also known as the Free! option. There are showers here, too, but this time you're showering with just your swimsuit on. Are you a competitive swimmer? Or are you using the public pool? Either way, there's plenty of time to get wet and tight swimsuits.
‭5. Checking out the competition‬‭ You've had enough fun in your locker room...now it's time to boldly walk into the locker room of your competing team. Maybe you have a friendly rivalry and want to say hi before the game...or, just maybe, you're going to TP their shower room and spraypaint their walls to demoralize them.
‭6. After a big loss‬‭: Okay, you can't win every time, even if you're Kuroko and Taiga. This is a big loss. Everything was riding on this, and now you're out of the tournament. Maybe it was your last chance to play with your friends. Are you really down...or just really angry?
‭7. Sneaking into the locker room‬‭: You're not on a team. That's not a huge deal. What is a huge deal is that you just can't take it anymore. You head into the locker room to see what it's like for yourself...maybe you want to take a picture? Or take something more personal?
‭8. Sneaking into the other locker room‬‭: Also known as the anime option, this option has guys sneaking into the girl locker room or vice versa. It could be friendly, but let's be honest, it's not an accident. You better not get caught...you know it never ends well.
‭9. Competition‬‭: The tension in the locker room is practically non-existent, so why not play a game to pass the time? You could whip your towel at your friends, or maybe you'll compare the size of your biceps...friendly competition is the name of the game here.
‭10. Ye Olde River‬‭ This is the "Wait, my canon doesn't have a locker room!" option. Mercenaries use the nearest river to bathe. Or maybe you're in the armory, getting equipped for your next big battle. There's still lots of flesh and towels and clothes being taken off! There might just be some blood mixed in with that sweat. Oops.
‭11. Winding down‬‭ Today was just practice. There's no big game riding on your shoulders, so it's time to put your civilian clothes back on. This is where you want to have some friendly conversation, maybe head to get a bite to eat after...or maybe something more.
‭12. Wildcard!‬‭ Make up your own scene or add your own kink!

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Scheherazade / Harem Shipping Meme
Straight out of the Arabian Nights, or any variety of the spin-offs and spoofs since, in a beautiful and fantastical realm of magic and djinn. You may be the great ruler, prince, or sultana of the realm, or you may be the tribute, captive, or arranged marriage spouse brought before that ruler.

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25 September 2016 @ 05:08 pm

Under the Sea AU Meme

Whether it’s the little mermaid or 20,000 leagues, this meme is all about the mysterious depths of the sea and the creatures that live in it. Which now very well may include you. Are you a marine biologist, a submarine explorer, or a creature of the dark and murky abyss? Perhaps, like Ahab, you’ve spent years on the waves, hunting some creature that lurks beneath. Perhaps you live in a house by the sea, and every night you watch the waves, but tonight the waves have dragged in something new and different.

There are unknown realms beneath the sea. Dread Cthulhu sleeps. Ariel sings. And adventure is awaiting.

How to play:
- Post with your character’s preferred role and a prompt or two, along with preferences and any canon or AU info that might be important.
- Venture forth into the watery deeps.
25 September 2016 @ 06:28 pm
The Anon Dare Meme

♦ Post with your character!

♥ Go Anon and find another character.

♣ Give them a dare that involves another character on the meme.
ex: 'I dare you to challenge Haruka Nanase to a cooking contest!' • 'I dare you to steal Darth Vader's underwear!' • 'I dare you to find the shortest person you can and call them a third grader!' • 'I dare you to find someone with long hair and yank on it really hard!'

♠ Go do your own dares.


Whether or not you’re a princess you’re strong, independent and confident in your own abilities. But sometimes you hit rock bottom, sometimes you find yourself in need of help. It’s okay, we all need a hero at times. And maybe they’re exactly who you need, or someone that you would have least expected.


Person in distress

1) Classic, fantasy rescue- Oh dear, somehow, someway you were captured by some nefarious ne’er-do-well. Now you’re locked in a tower/dungeon/whatever else you can come up with.
2) Kidnapped- Whether it was by dragon, a band of thieves or that one miscreant with that obviously evil mustache, you now need help escaping your confines.
3) Caught in a problem you created- Of course not all situations are caused by some villain looking to cause problems. No, sometimes you are your own worst enemy.
4) You don’t need saving- AKA: wrong damsel. Well this does happen sometimes. You don’t know who this person is that’s come to help you, but you’ve got everything under control here. Still perhaps you won’t say no to some extra help?

The knight in shining armor

1) Traveler- You were just minding your own business; either exploring a far off land or just passing through. All of sudden you’ve found yourself caught up helping this person.
2) Knight- Or perhaps you’re there on purpose; a knight, either metaphorically or literally, come to rescue someone in their hour of need.
3) The steed/squire/apprentice- The knight had failed, or maybe they themselves are need of help. Sometimes it falls to the sidekick to make things right.
4) Friend or family- Lets face it, the most important heroes and role models we can ever have are sometimes those we’ve known for most of our lives.
the  smut picture prompt meme



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texting meme

You’ve got your TFLN, you’ve got your sexting, now here’s the meme for all those gen texts, phone calls, voicemails, pictures of your cats, and whatever else your little heart can come up with, because who doesn't like a little old fashioned friendly texting. (Or enemy texting, if that's more your bag.)

instructions: What it says on the tin! Leave a comment with your character, include preferences, a start, absolutely nothing or whatever you want. Run around and reply to others. Lather, rinse, repeat.
25 September 2016 @ 12:04 am
Comments, corrections, questions, etc welcome.
Feel free to advertise RP related comms and materials below.

Mod post: Clarification on gen text memes scheduling

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Somewhere further than making out yet not quite going all the way, "fooling around" is a time honored tradition. It's easy, low-pressure, and there are no real parameters - above the clothes or not. Sound good? Maybe you're young and want to try but not commit to anything too carnal. Similarly, you could want to explore somebody's, well, body because they're so different than you. There's also the possibility that you want to make them happy or see how they react to feeling beyond great. Could it be that you're a tease, even?

Or you could just be bored. There's nothing on TV, anyway.

  • Comment with your character, info, preferences (gender, age appropriate characters only, etc), and hard limits (no smut, fade to black, graphic smut a-okay, etc.).
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
24 September 2016 @ 04:26 pm

the "should never be together" meme.

When two people come together in a relationship, it's a beautiful thing. What can be wrong with love, right? Right? Except when the union is completely and totally wrong, for whatever reason. Then things can get a little messy.

How To Play
1. Comment with your character, listing their name, canon, etc, along with any preferences.
2. Comment around to others, using the RNG to determine the scenario. It doesn't have to be a lovey-dovey relationship, obviously. There can be hate, sorrow, lust, whatever.
3. Thread! Have fun! Do things!

1. Warring Factions: You belong to rival organizations, armies, clubs, etc. Whatever it is, you're not on the same team.

2. Soldiers on the Battlefield: Or maybe you are on the same side, but this is the wrong time and the wrong place. Plus, attachments cause distractions.

3. Bodyguard and the Guarded: Just like the movie with Kevin Costner! One of you has been hired to protect the other for some reason, and feelings are starting to grow. Are you a professional and cut things off, or do you give in?

4. Prince/ss and Knight: Similar to the above, but with a whole 'nother level of wrong...one of you is royal. Courtly love is okay; still, don't forget your place.

5. Enemies: This vendetta is personal, and you totally hate this person! Don't you? Perhaps you're maybe just rivals, or something as serious as superhero and villain.

6. Family: The ultimate taboo. This person is related to you, so there's no way you should indulge this desire, even if it's the most pure love there ever was.

7. Age Difference: The years between you should keep you both at bay, but it's easier said than done.

10. Teacher/Student: Teachers and students have a unique bond, and to corrupt it is a dangerous thing. Will you dare to act on emotions that could put you both in a destructive place?

11. Already Spoken For: One or both of you are already involved with someone else, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Just know that you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

12. Not Compatible: Your personalities or jobs make it so it's hard for you to be together.

13. Not Compatible...in Another Way: You're both different species, which means you're either afraid to take your relationship to a physical level or you can't because of differences in biologies.

14. Not Ready for Love: You took a vow (or celbacy, of chastity, of dedication), you're married to your work, or you just don't want to be involved with anyone. Too bad!

15. Rich and Poor: One of you has the money while the other is from more modest means. Can the 1% and the 99% ever be bedfellows, literally?

16. Hurt Before: Your heart has been broken, and maybe there's been no time to heal. But here you are.

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The (Anonymous) Find A Kink Partner Meme!
Find it here.