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in case the diagram is not enough
1. Everyone is at a big party. I don't know how we fit this many people into one room either, but bear with me!
2. Post an IC or anon comment with a subject that finishes the sentence "never have I ever".
3. If you see something your character has done, reply with them taking a shot! If they've done it many times, have them take many shots or down an entire bottle. Shots do not need to be alcohol, especially not for underage characters.
4. All characters must be honest. It's more fun that way.
5. Bother other people. Demand details. Don't wreck the house, please, and post warnings if things get 18+.
16 April 2014 @ 03:09 pm
the CLUB meme  
the CLUB meme

taking inspiration from the famous support group meme...

Do you like STUFF? Do you want to find other people who enjoy STUFF as well? Well worry no more.  There's a club.

It's a nice little room somewhere, maybe in someone's home or at a community center.  It's got a banner and snacks and most importantly; lots of people who also share your love of STUFF.

What to do:

Post with your character.  Instead of posting their name and series, instead post the name of a club based on one of their interests or hobbies.  For instance, if they like cats, it could be the 'Cat Lovers Club' if the like nature they could be in the 'Hiking Club' if they like food perhaps the 'Society of Gourmands' is right for them.  You get the picture.

Go and look at what other people have posted.  If you see a club posted that you think your character would be interested in, tag it! You know you'll already have something in common with the people there.
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To Protect the One You Love  
To Protect the One You Love
a shipping meme

It's a dog eat dog world these days, or at least it seems like it. People have turned off their empathy and allow themselves to merely watch the world and the floundering of others as uninterested, cold bystanders.

...or the person you care for - love - the most.

There's someone like that for you. You'll put yourself in the line of fire for them because your love is that strong...even if you don't realize it yet. Or, maybe, if your definition of "love" is tolerating them more or hating them less than anyone else. It doesn't matter if you have to expose yourself to pain, to others, or to them.

Because even if you're not with them or will ever be with them in that way, some people are worth going up to bat for.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Feel free to play these prompts in media res or play the aftermath.

Prompts under here. TW for mentions of violence and some abuse. )
16 April 2014 @ 01:49 pm
The Soul Bond Meme  
the soul bond meme

"I can't live without you...literally."
16 April 2014 @ 11:02 pm
random scenario 3.0  

- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well.
- Go to RNG and enter 1-7 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out.
- Have fun!

click for prompts )
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Strike that, Reverse it  

The (Reverse) Smut Picture Prompt Meme

Because any good idea for a meme deserves its own smut version, this is just what the box says: the reverse picture meme for smut/nsfw prompting.

1) Comment with a character
2) Include a picture (or two or three) of a scenario, scene, position, location, etc. that you'd like to be a part of the RPing.
3) Make sure to list any preferences or explanations, to help people out.

1) Find someone's image(s) that inspire you and reply to their comment!
2) Yeah, that's pretty much it!

16 April 2014 @ 07:37 am
(TRIGGER WARNING) if there's no one beside you when your soul embarks  

i will follow you into the dark;
a darker shipping meme

It's the end of the line for you.. No matter how long you've been here on this planet, in this universe, that time is over now. Pain wracks your body, or perhaps it doesn't as you drift away from this life. All that remains is that ever fading light -

And the face of the one you care for the most.

For they are joining you on this last journey, as difficult or as easy as it can be. This could have been planned - you wanted to die together - or you both happened to be in the same place at the same time. Your world could be crashing down around you in a final armageddon; you could not be missed, the world turning without you two in it. One of you brought this onto you both; you tried to save your companion. You killed them yourself. It was all an accident...this wasn't supposed to happen...

How you've come to this doesn't matter so much in hindsight, though your sight is dimming as it as. What does matter is how you spend these last few moments with the person who means so much to you. If you're lucky, the two of you have lived a long, happy life together. Those who find themselves faced with a more tragic ending will have just realized their feelings for each other.

You don't have long, only a few moments. Make of them what you can. Reveal your secrets, touch their hand one last time, give them an embrace or a kiss. Apologize, if you see fit. Do what you did in life, but make it count and hope that you will see them again somehow.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. If you have any ideas or anything you do not want to touch, be sure to include those, too.
  • You can play this as serious and as dark as you'd like.
  • Reply to others on the meme. Discuss scenarios, AUs, and crossovers.

16 April 2014 @ 07:17 am
The Cunnilingus Meme  
nsfw )
15 April 2014 @ 08:53 pm
The Highly Inappropriate Sexual Tension Meme  

The Highly Inappropriate Sexual Tension Meme

Touches. Glances. Sides brushing, so close to each other. The moment is, most likely, quite, subdued, and calm. Or it could be loud and full of life, right in the middle of a vivacious party. Yet, no matter the case, your blood is pumping - no, nearly boiling with the passion bubbling between you and your companion.

Unfortunately, this sexual tension is completely and absolutely out of line. Whether it be the place, the time, your relationship with the person (be that literal relation or power difference, age difference, experience difference, and so on), your own lack of knowledge, or personal convictions, you should not act on any building desires.

But here's the thing about tension: it builds. It builds, and it builds, until...

Well, even subtlety can come to an inappropriate head.

  • This meme isn't for smut, though smut is allowed. What it is for is the delicious, anticipatory build up and the dances people can do to deny attraction. Foreplay, especially creative foreplay, is encouraged.
  • Comment with your character, canon, and preferences in the subject. In the comment body, be sure to mention if there are any squicks you have, scenarios you don't/do want to play out, and if you're okay with AUs or handwaved CR.
  • Reply to others.
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The Facebook Status Meme!  

The Facebook Status Meme

♥ How to play ♥

1) Post with your character's name, show and preferences or OTA!
2) Leave it blank OR
3) Post an update, it can be an status update, or anything you want!
Profile picture change, relationship status update, or tag who you're with and where you are!
4) You can also post something on someone's wall!
5) Comment on other people's updates.
6) Like their status, maybe? Like button image html:

7) Get creative and have fun!

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Most societies have certain mores that are unspoken rules; humanity itself even has such conventions, grilled subconsciously into our minds for our own safety. Don't go out alone at night. Avoid getting wet when it's cold. Don't pick fights with those stronger than you...okay, some of us missed the boat on the last one, but the point still stands. Society's rules tend to be more variable, though they apply to most aspects of life - including sex. In fact, bending the rules on what's considered acceptable in romance and sexual encounters can lead to anything from ostracization to death, depending on the time and culture.

So, play it close to the chest if you're going to do a big, big, big t a b o o. Is it worth the risk?

- Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to include what you want and what you DON'T WANT. Blank comments are fine; info is even better!
- Reply to others.
- Be fun and respect others, as this will deal with some heavy topics and potentially triggering material s.

trigger warning )
16 April 2014 @ 12:21 am
The Absolute Power Meme

Maybe it's a convenient twist of fortune and chance, maybe it's a game between friends or lovers, maybe it's a vacation of restraint, or maybe it's sweet revenge. Whatever the case is, suddenly you find you can make people do anything you like, simply by telling them to. Or maybe just that one person. And boy does that power feel good. You just can't help indulging, maybe because that power is intoxicating or maybe because there's something pulling your strings as much as your pulling someone else's. Is it one-off? Temporary? Or the start of a brand new 'relationship'? Whatever the case, for whichever reason you have it and for however long, you have complete control of this person: Tell them to sit, they sit, tell them to sing, they sing. Tell them to love you, and they'll love you whether they like it or not.

1. Post with your character name, series, and any preferences (such as what you'd rather NOT do)
2. Others respond with their shiny new ability.
3. Optionally, roll for a reason
4. As things go on, the person giving commands will lose more and more control over giving orders themselves, intoxicated by power, fueled by the moment, or really losing control to someone else.
5. Just because they're going to follow commands doesn't mean they want to. They can try to avoid it all they like, and complain as much as they want...but it will eventually win out no matter what.
6. Corrupt. Deal with therapy bills.

Read more... ) .
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For disciples who love their messiahs too much  

for disciples who love their messiahs too much;

Prophets. Kings and queens. Saviors of the world. Superheroes. Revolutionaries. Magical girls with enough kindness in their hearts for everything in their outstretched arms - and the very universe itself. There are some people that are more than people; they are pure light, forces of nature with a cause and a higher calling singing in their bones. That whisper may not be of their own choosing, but something they answer and they will not turn away.

Yet they must turn away from someone so they may face that abyss.

There will be those that follow, those that align themselves with the person who symbolizes their belief. They see the change, the shift in the tide of nature that swirls around this person. Still, there is always one disciple above all who will do anything...not always for the cause, for the person behind it. To them, that pinpoint of light and inspiration in human form is the name of God on their heart. It's an earthly love. This makes it no less worthy. But:

The path rarely ends will for prophets, royalty, dragon slayers, or girls in pretty sailor suits. Though change is a constant, there are parts of the grand design that will leave those who bring it bloodied and broken on the ground. And even for those messiahs who survive (and they rarely ever do, for others must tell their tales), there is no "end." There is only duty, and the duty cannot be found in another.

( for there is nothing crueler than loving and being loved by a prophet )

♠ This is the ultimate in forbidden attraction memes, for those who love those who should be beyond love.
♣ Comment with your character and preferences. You may also want to note if your character is more likely to be a "prophet" or a "disciple," though most could be both. Given how canons are, though, a lot will probably be the former.
♥ Comment to others. Please respect preferences, as there may be some possibilities for smut.
♦ Meme inspired by the tumblr page of okayophelia, especially their "they blink and reality shivers," "disciples who love their messiahs too much," and "nothing crueler than loving and being loved by a prophet" tags.

Prompts are not necessary, but here they are. )
15 April 2014 @ 03:21 pm
Wasteland Encounter Meme  

It's a harsh world out there. With most of the people gone, so too are most commodities and comfort, leaving only ruins of civilizations past in between the small settlements remaining. It's all about survival now: food, water, supplies, even a safe place to sleep can be hard to come by.

But you are not alone out there, for better or for worse. But people can be just as dangerous as the elements.


1. Choose or roll your wasteland type in your comment
2. Tag others
3. Choose or roll your encounter scenario (or come up with your own) in your tags

Wastelands and scenarios under cut )
15 April 2014 @ 01:02 pm
It Started with a Kiss  

How to play
① Tag in with your name/series.
② Go to RNG and roll 1-10. That's your scenario!
③ Tag around!
④ Have fun. :)


ACCIDENTAL. Did someone shove you on the subway? Were you standing too close and did one of you trip? Oops, this is awkward!
PASSIONATE. You love this person so much that it's impossible to hold yourself in check any more!
GENTLE. They knew it was coming, you knew it was too late to back out. Trouble is, you're having a lot of FEELINGS.
GIGGLY. How are you supposed to kiss them when neither of you can stop laughing?
SMOOTH. You couldn't have been smoother with that smooch if you were whisked with fruit, dashed with milk and served over the counter.
DANGEROUS. This really isn't the time to be getting romantic! If it goes wrong, you can always blame the adrenaline, right? Right.
SAD. Remember: a wet kiss is a memorable kiss, even if it isn't a good one.
TEASING. The tables have turned: this time, they will be the one left wanting more.
PAINFUL. Clinked teeth? Banged foreheads? Well done, Romeo, now you both share the same sore distraction.
LINGERING. You just ... can't ... stop. Uh oh.
15 April 2014 @ 12:48 pm
The Nonsexual But Still Romantic Intimacy Meme  
The Nonsexual but Still Romantic Intimacy Meme

Intimacy is NOT necessarily about full sexual contact. Intimacy is all about two people forming a connection and bond between them. That involves becoming best friends, trusting each other, knowing each other, understanding each other. Intimacy is grown and developed, it can't be rushed.

Nonsexual forms of intimacy can add a great deal of depth and variety to fiction. On one end of the spectrum, they provide extra steps to support the journey from meeting a potential mate through romance, sex, and marriage. Sex is valuable, but it's not everything.

  • Comment with your character. Be sure to include preferences
  • Tag others!

prompts under here )
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the expanded heart meter meme.  

expanded version )
15 April 2014 @ 11:52 am
The IC Mafia Meme  

The IC Mafia Meme

Whatever the circumstances, you and a group of others - some you know, some you don't - are divided. At night, one person is killed by the 'hunters'. During the day, one person is executed by vote at the trial. And all along, wildcards can strike others down, those with roles sniff out the culprits and suspicions seep into the very ground as the party dwindles, one by one.

Will you fight, or will you fall? Do you think you can stop the fighting, escape? Is there a mystery that needs to be solved? Or else are you dead, already lost your chance, able only to watch alongside the other ghosts as the living tear themselves apart.

Welcome to the IC Mafia Meme.



(We recommend picking these out on a thread by thread basis, but here's the list anyway. Numbers are provided for RNG purposes, but feel to chose your own. For extra hilarity, get a role and then don't put in the subject heading when you start a thread...)

( 1 ) - The Villagers
The lost sheep. Only a few of you have the bite to defend yourselves with. Can you root out all the Hunters and survive?

( 2 ) - The Mafia
You are the wolves amongst the sheep; set to kill the rest of the party. Succeed, and everyone can be brought back. Fail, cheat, and it's all for nothing. Sworn to secrecy, your only choice is to play. But all of you agreed to this, don't forget...

( 3 ) - The Third Parties
The unlucky few. Unaligned to either team, you must survive on your own. Maybe you have the choice to pick a side, or maybe you must kill everyone else to win. Whatever the case, you are the true wildcards in this game.

The master Roles List from Epic Mafia can be found here. And, of course, random number generators can be found here.



So where is this happening anyway? What's the cause of this terrible game? (all teams listed in Villager, Mafia, Third Party order)

( 1 ) Haunted Mansion / Castle - the delapidated grandeur and empty rooms hide the darkest secrets; you and the others have been trapped inside, forced to suspect and kill each other by the vengeful spirits haunting its halls. There's a thousand ways to die in here... The Innocents, the Damned and the Lost, whom do you chose?

( 2 ) The Desert Island - well, so much for the sun and the beach. What should have been a holiday has turned into a disaster, with the boats missing, the food dwindling and one by one, more and more of you seem to die. The Visitors, the Pirates and the Locals, to whom do you swear allegience?

( 3 ) The Snowed in Village - Preyer's Pass used to a small travellers town; a waypoint on a treacherous mountain pass. Trapped in by a blizzard and forced to murder one another, you're certainly regretting whatever twist of fate lead you here now. The murders and executions carried out with a sick sense of irony, only a gunshot is a quick way to die. The Prey, The Wolves and the Scavengers; for whom do you fight?

( 4 ) The Game Show - Sure the deaths seem wierdly realistic, but that's just SFX right? It's all for the cameras, so have a good time, play your role and don't give in to that subtle, creeping fear... It's all just a game! That prize at the end better be worth it; Villagers, Mafia or the Third Party, to which are you assigned?

( 5 ) Trouble in Terrorist Town - Well, so much for unity in the cause. All of you are members of an organisation, but some of you have betrayed it. What once was a hideout is now a prison, as suspicion and anger fills the halls. The Loyalists, the Traitors and the Provocateurs, which cause is worth killing for?

( 6 ) The Party Game - Just a bunch of people playing Epic Mafia; no deaths, no murders. It's just a game; nothing more.

( 7 ) Other - Invent your own setting! Maybe there's something in canon that can be used for this; Monobear changing the rules or some holodeck game gone wrong...



So what spurred this interaction?

( 1 ) The Private Meeting - Anything said in public is held in public record, to be reviewed by anyone. Meeting in private is the only way to ensure privacy... but to what end? Do you plot, confess? Do you fear, accuse, decieve or kill?

( 2 ) The Trial - Well, it looks like your life is on the line; someone has pointed the finger at you. Are you innocent, or are you guilty? With your life on the line... will you stand your ground?

( 3 ) A Nightly Visit... - Well, here it is. The end of the road. A killing role has made their decision, and now it's your turn to die. Or maybe you're the one doing the killing; I hope the choice was worth it.

( 4 ) The Aftermath - Once again, another has fallen victim to this terrible game. Whether they died by trial, by gunshot or you're finding their body in the morning, someone has died. Maybe you knew them, maybe you didn't. Maybe you trusted them, maybe you didn't. Maybe they were guilty, maybe they were innocent. Nevertheless, that's one less person who will be walking out of this place. Should they be buried? Should they be mourned? Should there be an investigation? What do you do?

( 5 ) The Graveyard - And that's it then. Maybe you died quickly, maybe you didn't. Maybe you deserved it, maybe you didn't. Either way, the game is over for you now. It's time to join the rest of the deceased players, watching the living fall apart in infighting. If you've lost friends and loved ones it'll be a bittersweet reunion, but if you got someone killed, lets hope they'll be forgiving...

( 6 ) The Downtime - Not everything has be doom, gloom and accusations; maybe you're doing something ordinary together, like cooking, reading or tending the gravestones. The spectre of the game still hangs above your head, but for now, there's peace.

( 7 ) The Arrival - No-one's died yet, but everyone's been informed of the game by now. Do you believe it? Do you stand for this? Can you trust the person next to you?

( 8 ) The Escape Attempt - That's it. You've had it. Both of you. You can't care less what your roles are, but you've agreed. You can't stay here any longer. This is it. It's time to break out. Lets hope your efforts won't be in vain...

( 9 ) The End - Victory. Your side has triumphed, and has toppled the other... but was it worth it? You survivors stand now only the corpses of those that fell before you. The Mafia may get their prize, but for the Villagers, it's a long walk home; with far less than was before. And for the Third Parties, well... goodness knows how you managed that. You've all done terrible things to survive; now it's time to part ways. At last, it's over.

( 10 ) The Reunion - Well that was fun wasn't it! The game's over, some won and some didn't; some made it whilst others fell. Either way, it looks like you're all together again after a long time; how did it go? Can you live with all the things you've done?

( 11 ) The Wildcard - Invent your own scenario!

(original meme by [personal profile] mostlymarried)
15 April 2014 @ 08:27 am

here @ the love hotel
15 April 2014 @ 07:31 am
the created for each other meme  

the created for each other meme
a dark shipping meme
tl;dr version — a meme that explores a shipping concept from a darker perspective. Characters, brainwashed by losing their memories and other scientific deviancies, are bonded with their "lifemate," who they're said to be created for. They must live together and grow co-dependently close, all while the machinations behind the scene are twirling like cogs in order to move them closer to the darkness.

Anyone can be manipulated. You just need to work at them through the right person.

You wake up, groggy and confused, in a white room that is expansive and furnished with all white furniture, yet pristine. The white is probably so bright that it hurts your eyes and you may have to blink for a moment. It doesn't help that your body is swathed in white, too; you're wearing what appears to be a modern day white cotton scrub top and and bottom. In fact, the only spot of black on you is on the palm of your hand: right in the center, there's a barcode. Under that, in neat, angular print, is a name. Your name.

It's a good thing it's there because otherwise, you wouldn't know it. Your memories are gone. You don't know how you got here, why you're here, or much of anything else. Soon, however, you'll know that you're not alone. The other person is not you're captor, that much is for sure. They're clothed like you are and look just as confused. They even have the exact same barcode as you, down to the last number. The only thing that differs is the name under it.

But the room is furnished for one alone. One bed, one couch, one bathroom. You two don't know much, yet you know you are two. The secret is soon made clear by a voice over a hidden loudspeaker. The voice claims to be a scientist and announces the purpose of you being here. This is the first day of your existence, they say, and you two were created together and for each other. Lifemates, the term is. You both are the perfect scientific experiment, and let man not tear asunder what science hath created.

And that's it.

Accept this or not, there seems to be little recourse. The room has no visible entrance or exit. The walls don't budge if you hit them. Nothing works. The only time anything changes is when food is brought in, but neither of you have ever seen that occasion. No matter how long you stay up, you always fall asleep when food or other necessities come in. Could that have something to do with the soft, soothing voices and pleasant feelings that sometimes come when you least except them?

You and your "lifemate" may be mutually scared, get along swimmingly from the start. It doesn't matter. Eventually, you'll become closer and closer. Lines will get crossed. Boundaries will get obliterated. Maybe it's because they're the only lifeline you have. Or maybe, maybe what the "scientist" said is right. You're created for each other, and this is your natural state. Whatever the case may be, as time goes on, you want to stay with them, even if you still want to leave this place. After all, how could you leave the side of the person you've spent your whole life with.

Yet there's something in your mind that tells you there's wrong here. Sometimes, at night, you'll get images of another life, and later, during the day, you'll feel hints of an existence you've never known. Luckily, you have your lifemate to get you through this.

  • Basically, your character has no memories and are power-nerfed...for some options.
  • Reply with your character and preferences. Also be sure to mention whether or not you'll play smut, since some options are smut-tinged.
  • Reply to others!

  1. First Meeting — You've just woken up and are getting the news.
  2. Learning about Each Other — Though you don't have memories, you still have personalities to navigate.
  3. Distaste — You don't like each other. How are you created for each other at all?
  4. Guard — While one sleeps, the other looks on. Why does their sleeping form bring up so much fondness?
  5. Unwittingly — You didn't want to give in, yet you find yourself being pulled in by your companion and growing protective of them.
  6. Closeness — Soft words grow into soft touches, embraces, tiny kisses, and a gentle (relatively) haven.
  7. Initiating — The first time you're going to be intimate, or the five millionth time, it will be on your own terms.
  8. Need You Now — You've grown reliant on your "lifemate" to keep you calm or even take care of you, whether you want to admit it or not. You may even need them beside you to sleep or
  9. Physicality — Your relationship has a full-on carnal aspect. What else is there to do?
  10. Twisted by Science — Your emotions have been tampered with to make you love your lifemate more because you weren't responding.
  11. Pure Love — Despite the situation, what you feel for your companion is real. You truly love them, even if you haven't told them.
  12. Connection — In some cases, lifemates have been known to have a mental connection, where they can share some thoughts and all pain.
  13. Aphrodisiac — The sexual bonding between the two of you isn't progressing in a way it should, so one or both of you is injected with a potent aphrodisiac. That should do the trick.
  14. Implanted Memories — You remember happy times with your lifemate. Surely those memories are real.
  15. Flashbacks — You remember another life, and it doesn't match up with what you know.
  16. Nightmares — Waking up in the middle of the night, sweating in fear is never a wonderful experience. Luckily, you have someone close by to cheer you up...if you want to worry them with your dreams.
  17. No One but You — You've decided to ignore the scientists and make the best of what you have, carving out a little life together.
  18. Scientist — You're not actually a lifemate, you're a scientist! However, you've developed pesky feelings for one of your subjects.
  19. Breeding Stock — You're not humans, you're animals, and the scientists want you to breed as such.
  20. Protect — You'll fight off anyone to protect your lifemate, scientists included.
  21. Power Surge — What are these powers that have suddenly appeared? You've never had these! Your lifemate should stay back, lest you hurt them.
  22. Training Together — New equipment has been put into your living quarters and you've been told to learn to work together perfectly. Whether you're both fighters or one is a fighter and the other their handler or healer, you must fit as well in battle as you do in life.
  23. The Veil Falls — The curtain is raised, and you see that you're not an experiment. You had a life that's been stolen from you. Your mate had one, too. What will you do with this new knowledge?
  24. Wish to Forget — Instead of being angry or glad about your past existence, you're horrified by what it was like and only want to live in the now with your lifemate.
  25. To Garner a Response — The scientists want to see how you'd respond if your lifemate was hurt.
  26. A Task Given — In order to guarantee the safety of your lifemate, you have to do a certain task. Maybe hurting someone else isn't a big deal as long as you get what's yours back.
  27. A Taste of Freedom — You and your lifemate are allowed out, but you have a job to do.
  28. Separated — You've been disobedient and as such, you two will be punished by separation.
  29. Escape — There's a tiny window of opportunity to get out. Take it. But no one gets left behind, even if you would have before.
  30. Separate Ways — Now that you're out, there's no reason to stay together, right? You're not really lifemates, right?
  31. Can't Be Without You — ...only not, because now you're dependent on each other, and you can't live a life alone or with another.
  32. Hard Time Adjusting — It's different living in the free world when you're used to being in a completely controlled habitat.
  33. Living a Peaceful Life — You've managed to get past all the challenges and are now living a normal life together. But did the scientists ultimately win? After all, you are still "lifemates"...and there's still the trauma to deal with...