26 October 2014 @ 12:11 am
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25 October 2014 @ 09:43 pm
Seeing You Naked for the First Time  

There are outliers, of course, but many societies have come to the point where nudity is a reserved affair. That's understandable though, isn't it? The naked body is like one big target, with all our most sensitive spots exposed in a most dangerous way. Maybe it's some kind of carryover from primitive times, but it's common practice to shield your body unless you're taking care of inescapable tasks, with someone you trust, or being intimate - with the last two often overlapping.

No matter if you're less than comfortable showing what you've been given or if it's next to normal with you, one situation is nearly universally awkward, however: getting naked for the first time in front of someone you intend on being intimate with. If social lubricant is involved, things may be different, yet otherwise, you may feel that uncertainty in the pit of your stomach. What if they don't like the way you look? What if they ask about your scar? They can say they love you, but does that mean your whole body.

Whether, the time has come to take that first step with this person, no matter what secrets about your body you're not sure you want to reveal or how confident you are with the situation. Now, you'll bare it all...

...and you won't be alone. You'll see them as they see you, which can be more comforting or less so.

Comment with your character and preferences in the subject. Any additional information goes in the comment.
This meme is definitely shipping and...somewhat smut-ish. Smut is likely to happen, but it's absolutely not required. The main purpose of this meme is to explore relationships and character's self-image, in addition to how they're perceived by others.
Reply to others.

  1. smooth — This is old hat for you, and you make it seem like no big deal. The whole affair is smooth sailing on your end, and that confidence is alluring.
  2. tryhard — You're attempting to be way too cool or too sexy, and it comes off as fake.
  3. low self esteem — Suddenly, you're not feeling so great about your little pudge, your scrawny legs, your droopy...you know.
  4. secret to keep — Your significant other has never known about the scars you bear, your deformation, or anything else you may have kept close to the vest.
  5. not used to this — You're from a society that's so reserved, removing your clothes is almost exclusively for bathing only.
  6. holding your breath — You've been wanting to see them like this for so long, the anticipation's killing you!
  7. never seen anyone before — This isn't just your first time seeing them naked, it's your first time seeing anyone naked.
  8. shy — This is just way, way too embarrassing!
  9. everything that can go wrong — Your pant leg gets stuck. You trip over your underwear. That bra won't come off. You stare too long. You accidentally imply they look fat. Things aren't going as planned.
  10. hunger — Just looking at them makes you want them more.
  11. not impressed — ...wait, that's it? Really?
  12. romantic — It's the perfect moment. You're staring into each others' eyes and there are smiles and words of love. Candles optional.
  13. encouraging — They're clearly not confident about getting down to their skivvies, so a few kind words or actions could go a long way.
  14. helping — You'll remove each others' clothes. After all, what's better than helping out?
  15. accidental — You guys haven't made that step yet, but there's clearly sexual tension in the air. That won't be helped when one of you walks in on the other.
25 October 2014 @ 08:10 pm

; only they can reach you

You're dangerous. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you're a constant flight risk ticking time bomb or someone who's a threat to society when the moon is full or the right magic spells or demon blood enchantment is given; anyone could unluckily wind up on your business end on one bad day. Isn't it better, then, for you to just stay away and build up walls so you never hurt someone else?

There is a someone else that can make all the difference, however. Somehow, they're the only person who can diffuse the bomb that is you. Maybe it's because of your shared history. Maybe they're just the only person you truly like. Whatever the case may be, there's no surprise that you've grown close to them...perhaps too close, though you may not realize depending on how aware of surroundings you are. Now, your emotions are all mixed up, and there could even be lo-

No. Don't focus on that. Instead, just don't question it and only rely on them to get you through spells that make you a danger to yourself and others. Whether they're keeping you at bay, you're having a calm moment with them or battling with the idea of your feelings be known, or otherwise, you should appreciate them, your emotional walls or instability notwithstanding.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, what side they'll be, and any other information that makes you easily tagged by new people or canon unfamiliar players.

  • Reply to others.

  • Play at your own discretion. Emotional, angsty, fluffy, fully romantic, ust, it's up to you.

25 October 2014 @ 02:37 pm
Winter Wonderland Meme  

Winter Wonderland Meme

❄ it's quiet
and the snow's beautiful tonight → a winter open meme

‧ post with whatever character you want
‧ responders roll for weather + scenario and get to threading
‧ ???
‧ profit

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25 October 2014 @ 09:59 am

the random scenario meme
25 October 2014 @ 09:01 am


25 October 2014 @ 07:46 am
The BDSM Lifestyle Meme  
The BDSM Lifestyle Meme

BDSM isn't all about the sex. Sure, handcuffs, whips and chains, toys, power and control-play can be fun, but sometimes it's about the other stuff too. The little stuff. The ways you and your partner give yourselves to each other every day.

So this is a meme to play out safe, sane, consensual and maybe even non-sexual BDSM.

If you want more information, check out:
          The Ten Golden Rules of BDSM Negotiation
          Sexuality.Org's BDSM Index
          The Keys to A Relationship
          Extreme Restraints

Be warned: Threads and prompts below may contain triggers, and will contain sexual content. )
25 October 2014 @ 01:50 pm
Co-mod announcement  
Hello players and mememakers

I realize the comm rules don't specifically state how often a particular meme can be posted but it's been sort of a mutual agreement that at least a week should pass between identical memes.

So I ask everyone to keep that in mind. Even if the memes are hosted on another comm, please do not spam Bakerstreet with links to them.

Thank you and carry on.

- co-mod of Bakerstreet
25 October 2014 @ 01:10 am

Simply comment with your character name and canon, hitting "random icon" before posting. This icon will set the stage for anyone who might reply!!

∙ Those who reply: Hit the "random icon", and do not change your icon!!! This ruins the fun of it, it's supposed to be random and silly, so just GO WITH IT!

∙ Look to see which icon was chosen and make a tag based off it. Pretty simple.
24 October 2014 @ 08:59 pm
You Can't Love Yourself  

You Can't Love Yourself

No matter what your situation is, there is one fact that remains: your significant other or love interest thinks they're not worthy of you. They may not say it, they may not admit it to anyone - not even themselves - but it's obvious. It's hanging in the air, and it's taking it's toll. They don't touch you like they should; they try to avoid exposing you to them too much. There may be reasons from their past, actions they're ashamed of, or just their general nature that is putting a damper on things.

You need to put an end to this in whatever way you can. Everything they think about themselves, it couldn't be less true in your eyes! You want to show them how worthy they are...so you're willing to do just about anything.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to be specific: do you prefer angst? Fluff? Are you open to smut? Which side do you want to play?
  • Reply to others.
  • Play out the thread.
24 October 2014 @ 07:35 pm

♥ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom.
♥ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 7. The number you get corresponds with the kind of "first time" sex you're having
♥ Go from there! The sky's the limit.
01] Romantic | You waited and waited and waited for the right moment to take this final step with your partner, and it really paid off; neither of you can imagine this night (or day!) to be any better than it is right now. 

02] The Only Time | You know somewhere in your heart that you won't be getting a second chance for this. The relationship is forbidden, or they're moving away, or you're moving away, or something is tearing this relationship apart, and that may be the last thing you want.

03] Set-Up | ... Oh. Well. Someone nudged you and this other person together, the one that you may have loved or hated or been friends with your entire life. It isn't completely by choice, but it doesn't sound like that bad of an idea... Or maybe it does. Who knows?

04] Experience Difference | One of you knows exactly what to do, and the other doesn't! Maybe they're just a natural at this kind of thing... or maybe there's a thing or two they haven't told you yet.

05] Hesitant | One (or both) of you aren't quite sure if you're ready for this next big step... at the same time, you want this to happen, though the thought makes butterflies flutter around in the pit of your stomach.

06] Awkward | It feels like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Relax? You can't relax! This is s-s-s-s-sex-- oh, boy, there's another mistake.

07] Wildcard | This is the "other" option. Choose any of the above or create your own!

[credit goes to [community profile] connikebox]
24 October 2014 @ 06:06 pm
Dating Meme  
The (Possibly Awkward) Dating Meme

Dating is, when you think about, really weird. It's a totally different thing for different people. Some are friends for years before they date; others start dating on the same day they met. Sometimes, there's a lot mushy stuff involved; other times, the couple acts just like friends. None of this is necessarily right or wrong.

Whatever it is, your character and the character you reply to are now dating. How? That's up to you. Whether it be awkward or not, the relationship will be uniquely theirs.

How to Play
-Comment with your character and preferences.
-Reply to others.
-Have fun.
24 October 2014 @ 09:24 pm

You have to know the drill by now, right?

24 October 2014 @ 03:14 pm
t h e   TRAPPED TOGETHER   m e m e
(expanded edition; originally from memebells @ lj)

Ever wanted to tag a character yours has no good reason to know? Ever wanted your character to be forced to interact with someone they're supposed to hate? Want to stick two friends in a ridiculous situation they can't get out of? Now's your chance!

Your character has been trapped somewhere-- and they're not alone. Write a top comment with your character and include whatever preferences you have for scenarios and genres you're open to. Use the random number generator or your own discretion to reply to others' posts.

Scenarios, Genres, and Bonus Challenge! )
24 October 2014 @ 10:34 am
The Absolute

here @ [community profile] yuutsu
24 October 2014 @ 11:33 am
college au/university meme  

college au/university meme
you know what to do:
comment with your character and preferences.
comment around! go ahead, try it tag someone new!

a) dorm life - sharing a living space with lots of other people your own age can be an adventure on it's own. roomies can be your best friends or a nightmare. but it's guaranteed you won't leave without a story or two.

b) toga! toga! toga! - it's a toga party ala animal house! or maybe another themed party. it's most likely frat-tastic. but hey, the key is to mingle. maybe even hook up or get into a fight. or both.

c) go team go! - whether it's tailgating or you're at the game, you're there to root for the home team. or just... be seen. or for the beer/food.

d) study study so mr. a will be your buddy - college can actually be about schooling! in the library, in the dorms, on the quad, with a friend, a lover, a tutor, it doesn't matter where or who you get your study on with, just that you rock that exam.

e) sock on the door - you know what that means. it's time to get busy beneath the sheets (or on top, why not?) in a bed built for one. hopefully your roommate will respect the rule.

f) shots! shots! shots! - let's face it, college can be one giant keg party if you let it. and hey, what's that? there's a kegger tonight? better go and get your drink/high/beer pong/ridiculous behavior on. time to make some of those mistakes you're supposed to 'learn' from!

g) morning after - remember those mistakes you were supposed to learn from? well you can't exactly remember them. waking up on the lawn or in your bed or someone else's doesn't help that much either. and who is this next to you? is that a new tattoo or just a sharpie dick on your face? it's up to you.

h) spring break! - to the beach, to the ski lodge, time to go on an adventure with friends or on your own. check out the slopes or senor frogs, just try to avoid the dreaded hangover.

i) wild card! do what you want! there's no paternal supervision anyways. (bonus points for someone who does a paintball episode)
24 October 2014 @ 12:13 pm

The Star Trek AU Meme

Space. Space is awesome. You should totally explore it, and you should totally do it as part of the Star Trek universe. Here are the rules recommendations to help you explore this amazing canon, no matter what your medium or canon source.

1. Comment. Optionally, you could pick a role for yourself and a brief sample scene for people to tag into. You could also just leave it completely open. Or you can do BOTH and maximize your RP potential!
2. Make sure to mention your preferences! If you're here for beginning CR, if you're looking for a romance, if you want to find wild and wacky antics amongst the Klingons, etc.
3. TAG OUT! Star Trek is all about meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Try to tag at least one person with each character you drop in.
4. Choose a scenario! Don't feel limited to the choices below, but if you need RNG to help inspire some kind of starting point, a list has been provided.
5. Live long AND prosper.

Possible Scenarios

Prompts Behind The Cut )

24 October 2014 @ 07:53 am
Guardian Angels Who Love Their Charges  
You're an angel. Not metaphorically, not in the "you're so sweet" way; you're a literal angel - ethereal energy form, wings, and all. But you're not just any sort of angel. You're a guardian angel. Guardian angels are a caste, or choir, created with the sole purpose of protecting those they're assigned to. Each angel is created specifically for the person they guard, with a few exceptions. The only thing you're programed to know is duty.

Naturally, being invested in your charge is expected. What if your feelings for them veer away from "dutiful" into "fondness" and then...something else? Angels aren't supposed to know love, at least not in the way those in the living realm do. Still, nothing is as certain as it used to be, and you're not so sure of your purpose. All you know is that you want to keep your charge safe.

Can you guarantee that, now?

prompts )

23 October 2014 @ 06:18 pm
Cheer Up!  
The Cheer Up Meme!

Your character is having a bad day (or week, or month, or year, or life). They're in a funk and it's obvious to anyone that comes across them. What's there to do? Why, cheer them up, of course!

Does your character welcome it? Do they know this strange benefactor trying to make them feel better? Will their efforts work? No matter:
It's time to turn that frown upside down. 

How this works:
→ Leave a comment with the usual information in the subject line: character name, fandom. Any preferences, including what you don't want, should be included as well. For added effect, use their woobie/sadclown/depressed/h+c icons.
→ Congratulations, your character is being cheered up by whoever tags them!
→ Tag around. Please please tag around.
→ Feel free to roll RNG (1-9) if you cannot come up with "methods" of your own.
→ Have fun, and be excellent to each other!
  • 1 — A hug! (You looked like you could use one.)
  • 2 — Compliments! (A boost in your self-esteem is a boost for...justice?)
  • 3 — Food! (I'll go get the cheesecake.)
  • 4 — Joke! (Haven't you heard of the healing power of laughter?)
  • 5 — Adventure! (Get your shoes and jacket, we're getting out of here.)
  • 6 — Puppies/kitties/foxes/bunnies/etc.! (Because who can turn down an animal?)
  • 7 — Drinks! (Nothing like a beer to wash down that sorrow.)
  • 8 — Games! (Shut up and jump rope.)
  • 9 — Fuck da police. (In other words, the random/whatever option.)

23 October 2014 @ 06:51 pm
♥ The Doting, Caring Significant Other Meme ♡  
♥ The Doting, Caring Significant Other Meme ♡

(aka the waifu meme)

Who in the world could hate kindness? Sweetness? Conscientiousness? All of us, on some level, like to be pampered and taken care of, from the most churlish to the most pleasant. Yes, even those grouchy grumps, or, of course, the cool-headed psychos -

Okay, maybe not all of us to the same degree.

Regardless of your disposition, somehow, you've gained a doting significant other. It seems like they find their greatest pleasure in taking care of and looking out for you. This may manifest in them simply trying to keep you entertained, happy, and healthy; it could also come in the form of them being a domestic doter, taking care of all your needs. Be it the former or the latter, there's an inherent adorableness that comes with their efforts and generosity, and in return, you have an urge to protect and care for them. They're just too precious for this world! Only, you know, there's a good chance you can a. ignore this, because you're emotionally stunted and full of wo/manpain, or b. repress it because you're a badass and would never.

Unless you've completely disregarded all that because they're just too much and you want to hold them forever.

So, how do you feel about all this? Do you wish they'd stop with this foolishness (not really)? Are you pushing them away? Are you embarrassed? Maybe you're absolutely taken with them! Just realize that you have it incredibly good.

♥ Comment with your character, preferences, their role, any info, etc.
♡ Reply to others.

Usual: This is how they always are. "Caring" is in their nature.
Unexpected: They don't seem like the type...but with you, they are.
Terrible at It: They're trying hard, yet it seems like they fail at trying to take care of you. Depending on who you are, though, that may just make them more endearing.
Because You Like It: They heard you like those who are sweet and kind, so they're trying to change their ways.
Not Together: Technically, you're not together romantically, but everyone knows the truth.
The Doted Upon: What it says on the tin!

Feeding: Whether they cook for you or have moments where they feed you, literally, they take your nutrition seriously.
Massage: Let them work out all those kinks.
Clean You Up: Here, they've drawn a warm bath for you.
Dress Your Wounds: If you're the kind of person who gets in battles, they'll see that you're all patched up.
Singing: Or telling stories, or otherwise calming you down.
Lap Rest: Sometimes, their lap is the best pillow.
A Shoulder to Cry On: When you have troubles, they're always there to listen.
The Calming Force: If you have moments of terror from past trauma, they're always willing to put themselves on the line to bring you back to reality, even if it puts them in danger.
Soft Kisses: Their kisses feel so good, and they're never demanding.
Head Pat: Sometimes, a simple gesture can mean the most.
Grooming: They'll fix your hair - or at least play with it - and help you shave.
Gifts: Homemade or expensive, they like to shower you in presents.
Lovemaking: The obligatory smut option, where they're a generous lover.
Protector: They look out for you, and while they don't seem that way, if you're threatened, they get like a bear protecting her cubs.
Gentle Giant: They make you feel so small and delicate.
Reverse: For once, you want to dote on and take care of them.
Unwilling: It's a wonder they still try to care for you, because you're cruel to them and rebuff them at every turn, even if you really don't mean it.
It's Okay to Cry: They never get upset because they don't want to put that on you. You want to let them know they can let it all out.